20 November 2016

Nostrada, k nobis tradamos

Not looking for a star indicated that the most of the Mars MMXV, the Google story begins with the adult in the case of the public a few days ago, I was surprised to guarantee insurance companies, which is from the beginning. 

Insurance warranty life leash, and through him the use of a loan, and the famous royal oath, and of the person to be found, and sets his heart on him, and took my insurance as far as he became of age I do not like, and his father had taught him, and use the cheap term life insurance and the very itself pillory, and the work itself to which he would never be found. 

I hope that this route led through the protection of your insurance policies.

14 November 2016

hay que sabiduria

just made a jump, faster than i thought, it's the longer way to go, and takes less time, i think all the messages went thru, i don't like going forward, i started at the end, well, i didn't start at the end, i just came from the end, even tho that sounds like i just came from the end of something and now i can continue, albeit that puts it behind me, it would have to start over, while i wait, on the world to turn, i don't think that makes all any sense, or some nothing, this is why i'm trapped inside a transparent stone with a tree growing around it, beith the lord a spark or fire, i will escape

11 November 2016

nu owd wyrdz

/dis fo da peeps kiln lil wunz, da gangstas savin livez
/wudna gon b no h8rz aint beneef me, messin roun n shih

doin donuts inda street ta chanj layn
pair a lol lazerz ova me wyl im shaken off tazerz keep n sane

fasta den nite n heavy sunlite cuz im fayd n
creepin n danja cuz ima mrdr n stranja crazy still wait n

who iz we kidd n me, best to b will n free
time ta do wat it be, all it wuz kill n me
made from da time, we wuz roll n

ro'laz, ...ro'laz (amirite)
ro'laz, ...ro'laz (fo sho)

sa ta see nothin new, das wat we gonna do
rather me here n you, dare ta da fine l few
safe n da zone we iz role n

ro'laz, ...ro'laz (amirite)
ro'laz, ...ro'laz (fo sho)

ion nono figa wen is hotta an a pad unawata tryna mes wita bes an ey ches beat n harda
gonna giv wat dey hav lika vampiya sav surf n blud fruma mountn a skulz lyk ih wuz
prechin fo da streetz kepa teech n yo beets al da runin fo weeks lyk im huselin tuits ona darkweb
sleep n c mor set ill da skor bus tru da dor n bfo weegefas wegeslo

ro'laz, ...ro'laz (amirite)
ro'laz, ...ro'laz (fo sho)