18 September 2009

The Door

When you are young, you stretch, moan, yawn and or feel better when you wake up. When you are old, you do it before you sleep. Stretch every morning. Meditate every day for at least a moment and you will be healthy wealthy and wise.

When the soul of the mind loses power, we take favor to senility; the mental energy resides to keep vitality, when it relinquishes so does the vessel.

We sleep when we are dead, and we must rest our minds in a habitat. Practicing respite allows rejuvenation, daily and nightly we rest awhile our environments are differing through the day. Everything dreams, earth, light, everything dreams, but gods dream of us.

Many things of fate are unexplainable, we dream to tell ourselves, and sleep to organize the thoughts of the day. We sleep like the dead when the waking experience has had much to offer, in its opposition waking sleep. We are the opposition to plants, as the beasts are to us. nature nourishes itself for us to see and we are witness to this in memory without response, we conceptualize our priorities of the facts in fiction and dream in the silence of our situation, if this process is altered by fear we must find a creative outlet in our wandering and exploring stages of our roles among curious lives.

The opposite of a dream is fear. Plan a city by building a farm, when you divert a river to irrigate you have made the greatest of roads.

River in the Road




What progressive role can a smelt (alewives) offer the evolution of life on this planet? Fish cannot count. They feed by a hunger instinct; have no upper brain at all, and such unadvanced lower brain functionality that it can barely utilize its own memory to comprehend pain. Pain induces increased motor function. Fish; have only added physical response to pain, no secondary sense display or audible response, simply the basic skills of cognitive recognition of a corrupt politician.

This Garden of Eden is one of the largest fertile and most productive growing regions in the country. Ecological Fascists are fighting farmers. The land is turning into a dustbowl, a manmade famine during the American renaissance. Years ago, it had forestation, it was holding moisture in the land, and soon it will become barren. In the past, countless years, the central valley of California has provided the North Americans with half of the continents precious and equally vital food supply of hundreds of agricultural goods, year in, year out. Almost half of harvesters are unemployed as the land turns into cursed earth. Twenty percent of the land struggles to produce in a political climate that terrorizes the people who work for a living. Turn the water on now, save lives, save jobs, feed people, starving of poverty and depression for an economic collapse ensues during a war of famines.

Ecological activists vacant of all emotion except vigilance have shut of the water supply to the region and flushed it, fresh water from the mountains, directly to the ocean, or have rationed it in the way that will starve, deflate economics and traumatize an entire people and their environment. In return, they offer only hope to save their own sense of humanity in their own country.

San Joaquin Valley is quite literally the breadbasket of America. Fifteen% of the nation’s food supply in danger, and to all compatriots, I hope in separate measure to any show of monetary inflation. As the Midwest and eastern seaboard grow in population and it has been, deserted by the rigmarole of modern partisan politics among ignorance as high-seated power can reach to the president of the country.

Central valley is huge, and because of the water cut-off, 40000 sq miles are slowly drying up. Scorched earth leaves thousands competing for unemployment and emergency rations. A federal gambling problem, which has squandered the budget on a failed stimulus most believe or will come to do so. healthcare misdirection, (medical insurance consumer protections and an end to waste fraud and abuse by oppressive gov't backed by corporate logic and regimes of lobbyists, shouldn't be lost to any hesitation), but these are the immoral sons and daughters of Satan we're to deal with this go round. Mr. Moses walked in the desert 40 years and had a vast empire and legion among it, which came to kill one pacifier, was a big mess. What would happen if you starve, deny water, and ignore 3 million people?

Are the people of Ca to wait 40 years and return screaming vengeance, they and those who ally them, in a malign and vindictive race war? TURN THE WATER ON FOR THEM

this all does remind me that the water will come back if they do. NOS FAMILIA, NOS ANGLO, NOS VERITAS. Wall Street was bailed out because it was repaid for paying the losses for one federal faux pas after another, none I have yet mentioned, and the perpetual failure of gov’t seems comprehensive and compounding. my theory is that, tho thrown from a far bound, we are barely held together, as a nation, by some assemblage of the law and in these growing times of hate and desperation I fear that the law is becoming too much as a religion to the war mongers. Give them back the water that ran before currency had dropped on our shores.

A gov’t has failed its own people. Moreover, in my own country, these words make me sick on any place in any life, and I had most hoped no to write them, every time I do.

Starvation I do not wish on my enemies, battle or submission perhaps, the armies have done for the ages, if peace fails, wrath will bring carnage and as time has come and gone, we have come to call this a grudge, nothing more. However, I am ever so much confused at this behavior because I dare not declare war on my own people.

Aristocracy, a corrupt gov’t, full of jesters and queen's men and it would be best negating its fall upon the garden of red leaves. Replace the corrupt, preparation beckons this revolute. Liberal promises, literal lies. if I left enough shite in the river's forge, the farms would be down a year and when the water clears the fish are dead and these eco-Nazis that should be painting pictures of their parents in the nude in a white room with a paintbrush in their mouth and a very tight jacket, would have egg on their face.

Many creatures are majestic and tho many forget to include man in that list, the water must flow again, the valley must live. history cannot in any way possible think that these people are heroes for cursing them to starvation by declaring war on honest laborers in favor of a smelt, endangered only in that region. Memories about genetics just came to mind. Make me a 2 inch smelt that is 20 ft long and eats pig shite.

Turn the water on for the gov’t created dust bowl that feeds millions and employs millions.

I want to thank...

Paul Rodriguez
California Latino Water Coalition

CA left high and dry after gov’t picks fish over people // farm water = jobs //

brimming canals pass along barren or drying land currently in a drought and it seems farming has become endangered in the San Joaquin Valley. In the breadbasket of the world, they share with the world in charitable causes related to food, as much or more than gov’t funding provides food relief. They adapted and grew more with less water; their reward was no water at all. If they grew only wheat they could feed half the world in a year considering the current populations, and if I could be belligerent, te quieres maertes? How is that working out for you?

However, perhaps the administration hates Mexical. They love their kids of course, but who does not, but all have legacies to ensure. farmers need water to grow food, endangered species advocacy groups, bowing to the creatures that haven’t a form of communication, will cause our nation to call for aid in food, oil, and eventually leadership as our gov’t has sold our futures and the water, up stream.

This part is rough but humorous. To be fair a politician of a political party said on the first television coverage in the 17 months since the beginning of this tragedy stated he knows that ammonia is in the water, and it kills the fish. This simply cannot be because part of the water diverts as drinking water. Since when does ammonia run fresh off the mountain? Ask any modern racist/racialist, that geezers children are little Hitlers reincarnate, I guarantee.

The filters kill the fish, some. The solution is through innovation. I’d build one but I’m using the internet to enter this log, fixing my spaceship, and watching holograms on my breaks. The deal is the water is going to the ocean and 3 million people are not supposed to notice, backslider. The solution is not to take water to the ocean but the population when not in irrigation use, standby desalination plants, (how the Arabic states are holding) the remaining water belongs to reservoirs and not levies. the glory of its funding comes from somewhere in the 90% missing from that super stimulus package, or print it up, it’s not the treasuries money anymore, it’s the federal reserve, a private bank, they won’t leave, they won’t sway an army for the land with the greatest harvest property available. It seems to be what they are good at doing for the time being.

In addition, to mentioning, smelt live elsewhere in the world.

How incomplete must a hollow man be to want to kill the lives, families, jobs, spirits and way of life of more than 3 million people and endanger starving that many more. In the land of radical separatists, I mean green jeans bay area, they have made a call to create a drought, 40% of the worlds tomatoes come from 1 county in the 40000 sq miles of the central valley, called Fresno County. I want to stress that I just mentioned, only one county in forty thousand square miles, impressed yet.

Also economic recession from the farm to the trucks to the washers and harvesters planters, packagers, bottlers, canners, sauce, your favorite Italian to go, produce dept, grocers, pizza distribution, storefronts will surface in this tribulation. High demand brings higher costs, simple and true.

Turn the water back on.

Imports rise, prices rise, jobs are lost, economic collapse, 30000 people a month are in California’s emergency rations, receiving supplies 2 times a month, when the water is on, there is a surplus, I cannot believe this is my country. Twenty% of their land is fallow; soon the land turns aridly dry. I cannot believe this is America.

Seeds, nuts, fruits and cotton all are grown in the central valley.

Alan Autry [former mayor of Fresno county, ca]
"turning the water off, is not just bad politics, it’s an act of domestic terror,".

Unemployment is at a 25 year high, in a country barely in its early 200s. In the central valley, all reports of economic depression are twice as bad, having double unemployment and lack of public services. In addition, costs will now increase for the rest of the economy. BRING OUT THE WATER.

The good news is Governor Arnold did not become the president. I say this because the answer is something he can do, that he has not realized, probably because he was not born here.

The people of California have the tenth amendment.

Amendment X - Amendment 10


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


No one has the right to starve millions of people, by denying water. Such is called genocide, and such acts are considered treason and a war crime.