18 September 2009

The Door

When you are young, you stretch, moan, yawn and or feel better when you wake up. When you are old, you do it before you sleep. Stretch every morning. Meditate every day for at least a moment and you will be healthy wealthy and wise.

When the soul of the mind loses power, we take favor to senility; the mental energy resides to keep vitality, when it relinquishes so does the vessel.

We sleep when we are dead, and we must rest our minds in a habitat. Practicing respite allows rejuvenation, daily and nightly we rest awhile our environments are differing through the day. Everything dreams, earth, light, everything dreams, but gods dream of us.

Many things of fate are unexplainable, we dream to tell ourselves, and sleep to organize the thoughts of the day. We sleep like the dead when the waking experience has had much to offer, in its opposition waking sleep. We are the opposition to plants, as the beasts are to us. nature nourishes itself for us to see and we are witness to this in memory without response, we conceptualize our priorities of the facts in fiction and dream in the silence of our situation, if this process is altered by fear we must find a creative outlet in our wandering and exploring stages of our roles among curious lives.

The opposite of a dream is fear. Plan a city by building a farm, when you divert a river to irrigate you have made the greatest of roads.