05 April 2010

Night Terrors: 1 - The Beginning of the End

Night Terrors:  1 - The Beginning of the End

A man dressed as any other criminal, walks a dark and messy alley, among the vagabond homeless and the rats, his boots knocking the ground as he passes through the shadows toward the scene of a vulgar crime of one man and a defenseless woman held at knife point. On the wall, completely hidden in darkness, silent and sheathed in shadow, crawl the creatures of the night, watching, always waiting for a kill, to scavenge the remains of bodies or less.

The walking individual says,
"Did you not know that the royal hunting grounds are always forbidden," to the vile criminal who turns and lunges. The vigilante takes the leading arm and throws the miscreant to an even darker part of the alleyway.

"Kill him," whisper the shadows.
"Kill him," shouted the assailant.
"They will not kill the killers," replied the nightwalker.

He draws a gun on the wretch who scours by hand the dirty and slimy alley floor for a weapon without having pulled up his trousers.

"What color is the night?" asked the man with the gun.
On the ground, he halted his search for defensive object; in confusion, he asks the man, "What?”
"What color is the night?" the man with the gun asked again.
"…Black...?” the thief replied.
 "No...," a flash of light, "...white."
He walks away with the shadows feeding in the darkness.

Precipice: A Dream within a Dream

Precipice: A Dream within a Dream

An evening between the throes of passion and doubt, a lover feeds another exotic and rare aphrodisiac berries, a night of loved caresses and tantric breaths. Within a dream, he awakes downstairs in his coffee shop overlooking the beach. He hears a commotion, early zombie patrons killed w/ brutish violence, next door is a weapons store, a gun shop, and the owner noticing the zombies at the same time.

"Where are your real guns?"
"We're not allowed to sell those"
"Where the fuck, are your Machine Guns!"
"There are none, look there's an opening, let’s make a break for it"

The gunman leaves and is mauled. The man from the cafe grabs a shotgun, single shot, and goes out firing but does not make it very far. He awakes to a noise in the beachfront cafe, the morning undead disturbing the shop below, this time after arguing, the gun shop owner makes it to his car, but forgets his keys and rushing back to get them, gets mauled. The man from the cafe makes it to freedom from the cafĂ© with the man’s keys to his car carrying double revolvers. With the car, he flees but not as far as planned, without choice abandons it in the cross-town area, but becoming trapped without escape, the evil minds attack.

He awakes to find his lover is a zombie, from a scar unmentioned. He immortalizes the undead spouse, attaching her to the spires of the gates below the balcony, kills the two zombie patrons downstairs, and runs to the gun shop but this time into the woods. From the wood, he hears gunshots in pursuit, two men raiding the weapon shop are fighting the zombies, he joins to aid them and they travel through the town.

“We can be heroes, the first to do so by massacre.”
“I don’t want to be a hero.”
“We just need to stop at every gun shop, pawn shop, and liquor store on our way.”

Travel through the alleys, not the streets to the marina, where several zombies are at the coastal beach line. With a gas mask, a man in a black robe is taking people aboard who have waited several days without becoming the undead, in the shadow of a long bridge to the inland that stands in two, at the marina. The gun toting marauders whom have joined him succumb to infection hence and turn into the holy undead. One of them attacks him, but he goes unscathed allied by several of those waiting on the beaches who are not zombies. A boat arrives and loads people from the docks only who have been out waiting for days. The bridge is broken, the harbor is full of lifeless bodies, and full of zombies, as the man from the cafe meets a girl in uniform. He helps her kill a zombie and many more as they approach, finding love at first plight. They make quickly long spears and pin back zombies while the other chops the heads, in command of a civilian troupe. Eventually making it to the island, they plan to move to the islands of the north in the new migration planned by the religious ones.