05 April 2010

Night Terrors: 1 - The Beginning of the End

Night Terrors:  1 - The Beginning of the End

A man dressed as any other criminal, walks a dark and messy alley, among the vagabond homeless and the rats, his boots knocking the ground as he passes through the shadows toward the scene of a vulgar crime of one man and a defenseless woman held at knife point. On the wall, completely hidden in darkness, silent and sheathed in shadow, crawl the creatures of the night, watching, always waiting for a kill, to scavenge the remains of bodies or less.

The walking individual says,
"Did you not know that the royal hunting grounds are always forbidden," to the vile criminal who turns and lunges. The vigilante takes the leading arm and throws the miscreant to an even darker part of the alleyway.

"Kill him," whisper the shadows.
"Kill him," shouted the assailant.
"They will not kill the killers," replied the nightwalker.

He draws a gun on the wretch who scours by hand the dirty and slimy alley floor for a weapon without having pulled up his trousers.

"What color is the night?" asked the man with the gun.
On the ground, he halted his search for defensive object; in confusion, he asks the man, "What?”
"What color is the night?" the man with the gun asked again.
"…Black...?” the thief replied.
 "No...," a flash of light, "...white."
He walks away with the shadows feeding in the darkness.