01 November 2015

eyes wide shut - packhunter

in to the ocean, i close my eyes bound in find, to do the swimming thing, a sunset, a wranglers of nightmares, a name, not without end it was, to find the traces just that and of light of no fear greater, into the ocean, sshaped at the thing that traces the world and lines the lands, dthat i would turn away from the light, this ragedy anchor matches the pale light, a floor this i see now, its never the same in a watery coffin, that i would need sleep to rest, turn the moonlight sand, i was not a normal man, dragging the body to the ocean, into the ocean there are gears already in motion for a machine of revolution, the dancing horizon of of white waves and dark secrets in the day, the pressure confounds me, like the tide of the oppressor andthe dust of castles; let us make the shell, sharp and sturdy, broken by careful pestle makers must not touch the poison debris, float some mostly notn, this is the wind same, we made teh one who didn't exist the wrost as he blinded himself on the ocean before the stars could shine the way, the stars so far from each other, so many distant far from many may I, and make I, they seem to reflect, the cells of our marrow seem so very far compared to the style of distanc legions, the paragraph goes as i peaked again, night screen gives itself away in prayer, nothing else in the darkness, staring at the shoreline this time, i could ask my skin be brushed by nails of hand, this sea of nightmares, the little weeds that the horse gives to supper and swiftness strides over and on, tethered and gone, mysterious messanger behind the hunter veil, the thin tax a cerulean fairweather game, only my future will i let you see, i did as they asked and I knew, no, the truth and something else, sparing implication just that the moment has passed, riveting the body of the damned to pieces of stiches like deepwater bridgres and space gives me witches like they weren't of here by now, my thinking game a maze in the darkness, like slaves to joy the rooftops were the bottom of the spider' s nest, that like a drove of feathers' cove a lesson had been been spilt, i have the guilt, like the sea and kites, a log was made in earnest, i will sail on this log to the water wall and ask for three visions, as i did yesterday, as his yesterday did before him, a fetish of indulgence, shortness of breath and pain in the spine taking recruits to the marianas trench to see the watermaker king, by this faction will I go, the currents of colors of currents, the moon fish, the light that cannot hide in illumination, the polycolor and the ancient swim that keys of creatures evil like birds and men, the merfold seek a bridge to familiar and the shores were full of rage, darenot return me i was source to live instead, a tired folk must be nearby because this shore has driftwood and no cities as far as can be seen the sand and verdent grass, not mud, but not warm and trees of bog that lean but do not bear their leaves, souls and breeze, no tide, save nor sunset or rise, nor waves of size resplendant, and i would walk for a town without a cane in fear of energy saved and stamina raved to kill or fight again the luck this day, these days, from whence on whither had I been, i would take up limber arm were bear to be woken by awkward footing, i come to the road uncomfortable laying waet clothes like rotting skin, alone i face the day and sharpen the weapon, the bear had cut the mooring ropes, and i walked and met three witches that finishe each other's sentences, i may have told you about that, the bear had been as any doe and i would not question one for the chance, and had i top chance to open the box this longer road of hiding of a givft and delivering a a deliverance, a recompence for revengeance, i peaked again, a dress as good as mine, a truth i have told some and may not tell another, i would look to a bear in a tree at the ocean, as my morning meditation, the nonsense of find without nonasense, paying a token as adrop in the ocean toward a chance to strech my neck beneath the sentencing ax, a bear at my eyes, anger of thundre and rage for the seeing as had not, a curtain and falling trees sharing roots woven above the ground together, a bear king, these jumbled thougts, i make their home, an axe to a leg and it cannot fall without cracking booming, i peak to see if it is over, a hand of fire, crates like no other, shipping with them drinks enough, contents as much lost as the messenger's morality on the despot, a heavy hand to a three sides coin, the ship betrays the sea, the spy began sending fifts the wrong destination sent, and when we mailed ourselves a restoration we had met a destruction of kindle and leaves, no worse the fare and wearing fairly other's blood and danced macabre for a theif and king, a hammer of nails like a mallet of an ax turns my stare to its farest still, a tree attacks me and the bear dives for my chest two paws will press my botton andI will off, open boxes and the guards stay still once we leave, the sand in my hands falls like an hourglass, the sand as I crawl out tears at my softened hands, the werewolf was a shock surprised me but the moon was not his own and old, the tree turned on me because they thought i made them turn on each other as they would also do the day before the true moon, i fight at the rageing beast, a swing of the paw like a swinging pendulum below it and i am thrown aside like a toy in the darkness of forest, my eyes glow, my enemy's eyes glow I run it thru with its own weight, and impale it to a tree, it had ordered me dead with the perfect english that bears have, one demanded i fly without wings, one demanded i be burried and the two made me feel nautius as they held me avove the ground; this thrid one, who had told the spy, i will go back for justice, fire and ice and all so in my veins, this damned wolv playes , maybe i will stop running, i ran with the wounded leg on the long road, looking and figthing, tired reaching magics of beams and such you understand of sure, toying with me again, had this werewolf told me he feared the bear pendant i wouldve stabbed it with the dagger, the bear magic handle of something else this curse, sooner, calmer, and bites my leg and takes the pendant, in the wrong boxes i search, the stockyards smell, the castle is empty, we split up, the many four and I, alone i worry and dote on them miraculously serindipitous, felicity that mortal men have limits of pain and pride, the bottle like a sould to the wine portable tomb, the spirit ripples thruout the body, the bougquet and in the box the amulet of dirty silver, old and scracted at first was only the points of ornate engraved har, and one had said to use it, and one had said how to use it, and one had stopped them both, come to her senses, they agreed as if they were it seemingly had been they talked to themselves as one it confused me after all, a breaking point or strange things, like surprised kings and demon bears and wolves tht tear your close clothes for the sake of a fractured mind the moon behind the sun sublime horiozon sailing down with passengers as two ships sailed, the trouble would end breathing the scream of blood noww in turn , and travels with a walk to the inn.