30 May 2009





Hey All,
There are truly dark forces at work in America today and you guys need to know about it. You won't hear this on the news but our right to choose a healthy lifestyle is under serious attack. Organic farming and even your right to grow your own organic food could be considered criminal under pending legislation in the House of Represenatives. Bills H.R. 875, H.R. 759 and S. 425. are being rushed through congress without most of us being aware of the implications. They involve the creation of a new "food safety" administration that will nationalize farming and enforce whatever code it deems to be in the interest of our "health." On the surface these bills may seem positive but if you look at the people behind it, and their not so hidden agenda, a very different story emerges. Please, I am personally asking you to look at the information for your self. We need to spread the word and contact our represenatives.

HR 875 is sponsered by Rep. Rosa De Lauro whose husband Stan Greenburg is a political strategist for MONSANTO. It looks as though Obama is leaning toward former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor as the head of these new food police. This is very bad news!

Who is Monsanto?

Monsanto is pure evil. They are a giant corporation that seeks to control the world by controlling the food supply. They have been working to undermine organic agriculture for years. They are producers of chemicals such as Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone and Aspartame. They genetically engineer many crops that will not grow without their patented chemicals. Trouble is, many of these GMO crops are contaminating organic crops. Then farmers have no choice but to purchase their cancer causing chemicals in order to keep their farms going. You need to check this stuff out!!!

watch this movie!!!!!!!

Learn more about Monsanto:





The General's Communiqué

Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (U.S. Army Ret.)



URGENT: Congress MUST Act NOW to Protect You From Both Codex AND Food (sic) Safety (sic) Bills

Food, as the Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying for quite some time, is the central struggle for freedom and survival for each of us. Today, in the US, as has already taken place in Europe, another battle around food and freedom has been joined through a set of bills ostensibly devoted to "Food Safety" (sic) and "Food Security" (sic) including HR 875, S 425, and the even more dangerous HR 759.
Internationally, certain US agencies, like the failed FDA and the dangerous USDA, continue to support restrictions on our freedoms to "HARMonize" us with the increasingly anti-health food restrictions of the EU, which embody, and even exceed, the madness of Codex.

The forces arrayed against us are enormous, but actually have significant weaknesses. In times like these, times of war, it is critically important that we do not lose heart. Those forces want very much for us to believe that they are strong and we are hopelessly weak, that we are impotent to change their victory into ours.
In fact, our actions matter very much. Just think about any struggle for freedom and you'll see the parallel. We are the freedom fighters, you and I. Your willingness, Mouse Warriors, to ride your computer mouses to send strong messages to decision makers will have an enormous impact IF there are enough of us.
No war has ever been won through defensive action. We must be on the offensive at all times. That is a fundamental Principle of War and a Principle of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Your voices constitute Mass, also an essential Principle of War. More and more and more voices collectively give us power - so take the message viral.
If you've been a part of the Health Freedom Action eAlert Mouse Warrior Army for a while, you already know about the impact of our efforts. If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who have joined us us the past week or so (!), take a moment to look at our accomplishments page (http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=195) to see how we are fighting - and making headway - for Health Freedom.

This IS a war and we cannot rest on our laurels, no matter how satisfying they are, so TODAY, I NEED THE ARMY OF MOUSE WARRIORS - YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU -TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE AND OTHER DECISION MAKERS TO TELL THEM THAT NEITHER CONGRESS NOR THE US CODEX DELEGATES ARE ABOVE THE LAW - US LAW! We are taking action in Europe, too, but the strategy is different there. Read on.
CLICK ON THIS LINK - http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26996
Tell the Corporate-lobbied decision makers to read - AND ACT ON - our powerful new National Solutions White Paper - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2394 - calling on Congress to make REAL change, change that matters.

16 May 2009

the mirror's truth

more of the same
this is not the world i remember
kisses in your lips
sex in your ass
love in your heart
ask when we are together
everyone I cast on myself
ruins me so i forgot them all
on others i failed or worse with many
and i am a warlocke
not a wizard
one can always be both
in all of my time
i have never met a magistrate
the end of all
i think there is something
to be said about things

14 May 2009

About Silent Hill Movies

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill2 (Motion Picture)
Silent Hill1 (Motion Picture)
this movie franchise can only get bigger and better. silent hill is based on a video game that doesn't end for 4 games, each offering a duration to completion time of over a week continuous. the four game silent nightmare is only a precursor to sh5 and sh0(origins). a fangoria film in genre, silent hill actually reveals itself to be a science fiction mystery and suspenseful action drama, with multiple themes of terror and intrigue sampled from previous elements of every horror film to date, as oppose to mindless blood and guts, Gallagher attacks peoples heads, with eye candy to keep people from walking out of the theater.

the film is also a favorite of 'the post''s writer and is more of a cult classic for its lack of self indulgent mindless violence. i presume to describe it as a dystopic film, along the lines of Friday the 13th, and nightmare on elm street. A innocent person wanders into an ironically gruesome world and is antagonized by a malicious supernatural spirit who has been given ethereal powers for an unjust death, the storyline crosses the malevolent benefactors who reach their demise begotten of the evil dead, and a spy is set free after trapping the protagonist in Silent Hill, (aka silent nightmare, silent hell) create a terror of fright and espionage in the world of the living in the reality of our world. the spy is an impostor of one of several pivotal characters at the end of every film leaving the viewers to wonder whom will be sacrificed and who will survive, how will the carnage reign as a deluge taking who and what from when and where, and all the death and gore a horror film requires.

Movie: Silent Hill - Silent Hill (film)- Official Site
Editors Rating: 96%

Saturday Evening Post

12 May 2009

dont tread on me

You are NOT entitled to what I have earned.
Stop Bailouts
Stop Spending
Stop Taxing
Stop Government Intrusion
One Big Ass(D) Mistake America
Tea Party Today, Tar and Feathers Tomorrow
Cut Spending
Don't Tax Me
A Revolution is Brewing
No One Asked Me to be Human
I WILL KEEP My Freedom
My Ordinance
My Money
You can keep the change
Dude, where's my bailout?
$tupid i$ a$ congre$ doe$
No pet projects with tax money
limited government under god
my parents can't pay for your kids too
revolution is nigh
keep out of my wallet
keep out of my life
keep out of my business
get off of my land
stop the madness
stop fiscal child abuse
say yes to term limits
new axis of evil: bipartisan politics
i'm not your atm
no more government handouts
the pirates are in D.C.
stop obama-nomics
stop the welfare nation
good people are turning over in their graves
taxes are for our protection, not treason
the power to tax is the power to destroy our future
protectionism is not necessary
man is not free unless government is limited
bow to the taxpayer
patriotism is better than socialism
tax welfare not workers
taxation with representation
stop spending my children's future
only gamblers think they can borrow and spend their way out of debt
socialism is just other people's money
freedom is constitutional, tyranny is political
we do not work so that government can spend
liberals follow blindly anyone speaking who cannot hear
free markets not freeloaders
reward responsibility, not failure
we are all taxed enough already
poor mortgages to do not make the countries future
tax relief goes to the ones who earned it
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves
being a democrat does not require socialism, capitalism or treason
stop taxing spending immigration bailouts earmarks and lying about spending
stop generalized over indulgent voracious ever growing radicalizing negligent morally bankrupt excessive non-stop taxation
feeding big government starves thee American dream
good citizens reject bad government
americans need a bailout from government spending
the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money, and then the government begins to turn on the taxpayers
communist government and big taxes are not the answer

07 May 2009

Norse anglo blond

lame summer poetry} -

yeah it picked a blue
blue ruled the water world
will you swim with me
from the lake to the north sea
i will never
hartea attack
fuck me runnin'
pulls your hair
und you no mind

hi you should wait


but amish can swim



its 70c and too hot, find me in a hot spring

in like greenland or something



summer is coming

summer is here for her and i

and it

two seasons for viiking sex lords

ice and no ice

either way sheez hot

hella hot

am i

more people in CH speak EN than there are EN overlords

australia is the winter home

and the north pole is for me

to swim in

am i

im first generation blont

can you say that

and i got my blues/greys

i did

confession and sunshine

the light poors into our eyes like hot water in wounds

my adaptive tinting is just now coming in @ 27y

but not enough, and it's allways been bright out

we cant hide in the shade but hang out there all the time

polarized lenses would cripple my

newly, finally, adapted ocular screen

from manifesting

because my roots are the same as kornsilk

and i absorb the light as midas did with his eyes

to burn the carbon into gold

with my soul

reflecting more light than the whores of babylon

vegetation thrives of the sun

instead of the food that grows

the flowers are not sentient

and you are what you eat

they were having to many to beat the curve

their clocks for evolution were running out

and proverbs the anglos

to them and theirs

and their retrievers

while i am the






that learned to whether time into the cold of space

where in its vastnesses

there is no light to speak of

the dusty lenses

are the last armor we ever really wear

said shaman to me

after my walkabout across the continent

the dark matter

unkempt by any radical mind of karmic reincarnation

in the science of our people

living on forever

to be studied

and trouble reality with the pondering

of your memory

predilection intellect

is telepathic

psychic mind reading

but most of your thoughts are vague

if not sometimes insulting script

in my ascertainment of life

enduring my moral compass

or incomplete sentences due to the population

and traffic

of your internal grammar of the inner monologue(c)

if not being locked completely

if i ask someone to think of a card i cannot guess those

your images by and of description

are words for other nouns in your dialogue

because of memory's implicit nature

its inference to instance

how you organise your memories and thoughts

the outcome

is the same

such is life

my lifespan is longer

i have a need to not eat anything that isn't grown

and a thirst for clean water

i need your clean water and will take it from your neck

that is where the


comes from

feeding at night is passe

is faux pas

is rude

crude passivism

its not as kold for me

i have kept the memory myself

i keep clean

cleanliness is next to godliness

i avoid the boiling of my brain

the body is so close to boiling

in its commonality

that's why we move north

surviving on less

with ample supply

living longer

gaining years in our lifespan

as a direct lineage

in reward for fighting back the cold

but they wouldn't tell you that because

they wont want you ruling the world from on high

i love white

white bones and smiles

white clothes

white sand

white flowers

white snow

glasses with efficient uv protection and no mirrors

that fit me

i am an only child

3 to 1

a sibling to my same kin

would have been


suited for this life

but i am taller and blonder than anyone i know

my eyes i said are blue near water

that's all summer long and all winter long

but in the white rooms the blue is gone

and the color in my eyes reflects the color of the mirror

as i see my eyes grey

winter sports

i have a severe achilles heel

i believe that the other wigs

are separate races

i would watch the door at midnight

but the red would be at dusk and dawn

and the deathcrown would take the day

so that the world would survive

with blondes having solar powered families

in familial comfort

with the other families of the red black blonde blue green

or any combination of

would live happy and close lives

and the darkened would deserve to die

my planet, my rules

when the lights go out

not many are prepared

for when the socialism

recedes the


that eventually tears apart the democracy

the simple truth of lies

is that when you cannot train

your brain begins to die

dont know why


its always good to learn something

ive seen coal plants near schools

nuclear power by water

and casinos by churches

never have i seen such a disrespect for the environment

and such a gross amount of incapable people

who cannot support the land but fill it with refuse

or cannot turn it

tweeking where they sleep

creating new unheard and unimagined sins

giving spite to each other

with masks of politics and finance

we are one race

in every aspect

superstition of racism offers the ones that mimic my persona

1/4 of this world is its only hope

and soonly it will decrease succesivly 1 fold every century

12 of us now hold this world from


the second teir of the strangers

is closer to a million

its hierarchy is confusing and cult based

in the future

recorded logged hours in a work service

will be exchanged for hours at

a buffet

all you can eat delicasies from around the world

where the strenght of our community is based upon respect

for idealistic nature

and not a failed society of diminished capitalist ideas

with the purpose of theft and paid protection

and part of the human race will evolve into better swimmers

so fast they can take from water to air

in a vault from below the waves to above them

will be hardened with better armor

and will feed on the rats that could not support

the society that produced them to fail

at any chance

i can smell disease

but only in mates

thats the trick actuall rats use to

further their race

i want the best and brightest
and cant remember what i was looking for
but the habits i picked up
from before the losses in my own memory
keep me stronger than
the droves and drugans
pandoras box for bad memories
is empty.

06 May 2009

antisimetic graffiti

Was the holocaust of six million Jews a colossal successful profitable hoax and wasn't the disappearance of 264 million Christians after WWII the real holocaust?

02 May 2009

Fake Messiah - IMEEM

Fake Messiah