14 May 2009

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this movie franchise can only get bigger and better. silent hill is based on a video game that doesn't end for 4 games, each offering a duration to completion time of over a week continuous. the four game silent nightmare is only a precursor to sh5 and sh0(origins). a fangoria film in genre, silent hill actually reveals itself to be a science fiction mystery and suspenseful action drama, with multiple themes of terror and intrigue sampled from previous elements of every horror film to date, as oppose to mindless blood and guts, Gallagher attacks peoples heads, with eye candy to keep people from walking out of the theater.

the film is also a favorite of 'the post''s writer and is more of a cult classic for its lack of self indulgent mindless violence. i presume to describe it as a dystopic film, along the lines of Friday the 13th, and nightmare on elm street. A innocent person wanders into an ironically gruesome world and is antagonized by a malicious supernatural spirit who has been given ethereal powers for an unjust death, the storyline crosses the malevolent benefactors who reach their demise begotten of the evil dead, and a spy is set free after trapping the protagonist in Silent Hill, (aka silent nightmare, silent hell) create a terror of fright and espionage in the world of the living in the reality of our world. the spy is an impostor of one of several pivotal characters at the end of every film leaving the viewers to wonder whom will be sacrificed and who will survive, how will the carnage reign as a deluge taking who and what from when and where, and all the death and gore a horror film requires.

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