12 May 2009

dont tread on me

You are NOT entitled to what I have earned.
Stop Bailouts
Stop Spending
Stop Taxing
Stop Government Intrusion
One Big Ass(D) Mistake America
Tea Party Today, Tar and Feathers Tomorrow
Cut Spending
Don't Tax Me
A Revolution is Brewing
No One Asked Me to be Human
I WILL KEEP My Freedom
My Ordinance
My Money
You can keep the change
Dude, where's my bailout?
$tupid i$ a$ congre$ doe$
No pet projects with tax money
limited government under god
my parents can't pay for your kids too
revolution is nigh
keep out of my wallet
keep out of my life
keep out of my business
get off of my land
stop the madness
stop fiscal child abuse
say yes to term limits
new axis of evil: bipartisan politics
i'm not your atm
no more government handouts
the pirates are in D.C.
stop obama-nomics
stop the welfare nation
good people are turning over in their graves
taxes are for our protection, not treason
the power to tax is the power to destroy our future
protectionism is not necessary
man is not free unless government is limited
bow to the taxpayer
patriotism is better than socialism
tax welfare not workers
taxation with representation
stop spending my children's future
only gamblers think they can borrow and spend their way out of debt
socialism is just other people's money
freedom is constitutional, tyranny is political
we do not work so that government can spend
liberals follow blindly anyone speaking who cannot hear
free markets not freeloaders
reward responsibility, not failure
we are all taxed enough already
poor mortgages to do not make the countries future
tax relief goes to the ones who earned it
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves
being a democrat does not require socialism, capitalism or treason
stop taxing spending immigration bailouts earmarks and lying about spending
stop generalized over indulgent voracious ever growing radicalizing negligent morally bankrupt excessive non-stop taxation
feeding big government starves thee American dream
good citizens reject bad government
americans need a bailout from government spending
the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money, and then the government begins to turn on the taxpayers
communist government and big taxes are not the answer