30 May 2009





Hey All,
There are truly dark forces at work in America today and you guys need to know about it. You won't hear this on the news but our right to choose a healthy lifestyle is under serious attack. Organic farming and even your right to grow your own organic food could be considered criminal under pending legislation in the House of Represenatives. Bills H.R. 875, H.R. 759 and S. 425. are being rushed through congress without most of us being aware of the implications. They involve the creation of a new "food safety" administration that will nationalize farming and enforce whatever code it deems to be in the interest of our "health." On the surface these bills may seem positive but if you look at the people behind it, and their not so hidden agenda, a very different story emerges. Please, I am personally asking you to look at the information for your self. We need to spread the word and contact our represenatives.

HR 875 is sponsered by Rep. Rosa De Lauro whose husband Stan Greenburg is a political strategist for MONSANTO. It looks as though Obama is leaning toward former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor as the head of these new food police. This is very bad news!

Who is Monsanto?

Monsanto is pure evil. They are a giant corporation that seeks to control the world by controlling the food supply. They have been working to undermine organic agriculture for years. They are producers of chemicals such as Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone and Aspartame. They genetically engineer many crops that will not grow without their patented chemicals. Trouble is, many of these GMO crops are contaminating organic crops. Then farmers have no choice but to purchase their cancer causing chemicals in order to keep their farms going. You need to check this stuff out!!!

watch this movie!!!!!!!

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The General's Communiqué

Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (U.S. Army Ret.)



URGENT: Congress MUST Act NOW to Protect You From Both Codex AND Food (sic) Safety (sic) Bills

Food, as the Natural Solutions Foundation has been saying for quite some time, is the central struggle for freedom and survival for each of us. Today, in the US, as has already taken place in Europe, another battle around food and freedom has been joined through a set of bills ostensibly devoted to "Food Safety" (sic) and "Food Security" (sic) including HR 875, S 425, and the even more dangerous HR 759.
Internationally, certain US agencies, like the failed FDA and the dangerous USDA, continue to support restrictions on our freedoms to "HARMonize" us with the increasingly anti-health food restrictions of the EU, which embody, and even exceed, the madness of Codex.

The forces arrayed against us are enormous, but actually have significant weaknesses. In times like these, times of war, it is critically important that we do not lose heart. Those forces want very much for us to believe that they are strong and we are hopelessly weak, that we are impotent to change their victory into ours.
In fact, our actions matter very much. Just think about any struggle for freedom and you'll see the parallel. We are the freedom fighters, you and I. Your willingness, Mouse Warriors, to ride your computer mouses to send strong messages to decision makers will have an enormous impact IF there are enough of us.
No war has ever been won through defensive action. We must be on the offensive at all times. That is a fundamental Principle of War and a Principle of the Natural Solutions Foundation. Your voices constitute Mass, also an essential Principle of War. More and more and more voices collectively give us power - so take the message viral.
If you've been a part of the Health Freedom Action eAlert Mouse Warrior Army for a while, you already know about the impact of our efforts. If you are one of the tens of thousands of people who have joined us us the past week or so (!), take a moment to look at our accomplishments page (http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=195) to see how we are fighting - and making headway - for Health Freedom.

This IS a war and we cannot rest on our laurels, no matter how satisfying they are, so TODAY, I NEED THE ARMY OF MOUSE WARRIORS - YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU -TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLE AND OTHER DECISION MAKERS TO TELL THEM THAT NEITHER CONGRESS NOR THE US CODEX DELEGATES ARE ABOVE THE LAW - US LAW! We are taking action in Europe, too, but the strategy is different there. Read on.
CLICK ON THIS LINK - http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=26996
Tell the Corporate-lobbied decision makers to read - AND ACT ON - our powerful new National Solutions White Paper - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=2394 - calling on Congress to make REAL change, change that matters.