03 June 2009


burning angels

falling from the firmaments
see how they crawl

the end has begun
pointing unto itself
full of unmarked silver coins

the drawer opens unnoticed
the war is society
seeking out a life like fire
laughing at a better death

launching through time
dealing in absolutes
crashing through the sky
darkness across the countryside
solemn vigil at dusk

mask of the avenged
hollow soul bowing to the shadow
season of death and its blood river
with shadows of leaves
the future will be a promise kept
our hearts will overflow our minds

that the earth is full of light
as the sun shines the sky is full of heaven
and the rain will wash our scars away
similar deaths of dying demons
from graces past and present essence
promises and regrets
asking the soul to leave the body

and my sacred blue
broken, borrowed,
screaming astrally
perched in a hunt for time
sleeping in the holy land
against the benefit of the protector
choosing to stay true
the ultimate sacrifice of ages

sick aliens making sick human lives
growing spores in space
for the fuel inside the cold
sealing gases in double panes
to test the signal of the sun
how bloody the wind has become
little black sharply orchids
damned everyone to the touch
dead in my mind

blood thicker than water
frozen to the touch
telling secrets before occurrence
all of the remedy
weapon of the lost soul
nihilist space
silence of the oblivion
impassible light
windows and sovereign secrets
under heavy light and overfall