18 July 2016

Get Your Ass to Mars

 It's sad, really. There is racial tension where I live, or at least, poor writers and over-priveledged newsies are stuffing it into my eyes for ratings. I'm not sure what happened, I am sure of a fixed moment from the past of each life, and I must share it to others. - - If you see yourself as different, then you will be different, for what you imagine is what you will become.

 Oddly, let us place a scenario, that you all are different from me, and my dissapointment perpetual, and then all of suddenly, one of your worst dies. It's super bad enough, a death, be it anyone, it is bad if they are one of you or mine, if they are the causes or the victims, but to protest for the worst among humans is sad, and it's going to scare all the innocent people that you somewhat-refuse to be, and they'll become so scared that the wrong people are hurt by fear and manipulation - all avoidable.

 At the top, there are those that plain as day do not believe in "trickle-down" (reciprocal) economics, but I see the failure is that they don't believe in trickle-down leadership. Take 2 - in weakness, blaming power, the power drains from the institution that the weak previously created themselves, hating responsibility and hating giving responsibility, by all involved, it collapses. It could be government, it could be economies, it could be dreams. There's no need to be emotional, but if you're teaching people (with success, facts) you understand, if you're blaming people, you don't understand. This picture gets its color, even in racial identity, as to realize that movements are pulled and pushed by large forces, clear to some, quiet to others.

[ In editing this entry, I have to add one thing. Whoever is in charge of Venezuela, is a fucking retard, or demon, or both. ]

 Imagine a spy, whom would patently tell you that everything you know is wrong, because the spy is the enemy, and now think of your neighbor, your fellow human, they are honest to the best of their ability, or inability, there is no conspiracy, and I believe that protest, a requierment albeit irritating, just makes the innocent think of conspiracy. A flood of protests might stop fires while washing civilisation away.

 I was visitied by a friend recently, he told me that he had read something, so I immediately knew that what he was about to tell me might be incomplete or repurposed or just annoying, but I listened, and the conversation continued.

 So, I was then told that he had learned that each one of us only uses ten percent (10%) of our brains. I questioned him if that was what he meant to say, making sure we spoke the same language, and asked him if it is a ten-percent use of the brain in which to speak as just he had unto me.

 He concurred, agreeal, inasmuch we do use the aforementioned ten-percent portion in order to speak, and quickly continued with attentive furthering information. I watched him tell me information, which when complete was newly learned to me, amazingly we only use ten-percent of our brains in everything.

 I took a moment to process the information, then I told him I am amazed it is so little when one realizes there is a hundred-percent (100%) of a brain in our skulls, but it explains a lot about what's been happening around here.