25 July 2016


The only place is the populace, the public house for privacy, to leave the secrecy in code; that place where conversation begins, a beginning of peaceful terms, and in this awakening where I share information only, those will not be endorsement other than their vessel, empty by the way of the dharma, delivered by the tao, and given to karma in all modes.

Wake, wrench your muscles like clothes of the spirit, prepare your coffee and envision nirvana, then do your taichi motions. When finished, drink your coffee and meditate on the western paradise.

Pack tools and archives, clothes and medicine, go and make plentitude in service to all modes.

Sample tastes and reflect, strengthen according to needs, have tea and be mindful of your thoughts; enter the vehicle of your transformation and continue to grow, avoiding attachment to gravity lift and be seen; feed your body and mind.

Plan ahead, revise your schedule, and establish yourself; watch success in action, study knowledge, find questions in lessons, make notes and complete goals; hunt your next target.

Yoga, code, write.