29 March 2016


Thread: Alternative Anxiety Supplements

as one of those people with calculated people skills, great for internet tho, the more I work out, the calmer I get, but for the normal person, stress is caused by actual physical stress, too much gym without rest time is way stress mode, it could even be too much pillow folding your neck, bad posture the whole day, or maybe rigidity like knots because not stretching; 

There's also your nutrition, sugar/bread/carbs crashes, not for nothing, i'm good with stimulants, coffee, tea, other, etc, (to a point) and a a total mess with depressants, i can't toke/drink (tequila is a wildcard) and didn't even know it until as of late, I can't hang with those, you could be the opposite, or it could easily be - too much of - a good thing stressing the body, mind; 

AND there's also the focus, aside from fuel and lifting, sometimes early to bed, early to rise, sorta, and pray/meditate, I always have to add, but I have to defragment my thoughts now and then, maybe you need REM sleep, or stimulating conversation, entertaining experiences, action, adventure! 

* i told you so crew *