01 April 2016

Of Darkness Spawned

The fourth age in its own place, a place of a new name all the same mislabeled, common misconception, thereon diviners to trapped souls, the ancient prison of the mind, traditional ideas guessing ideas of tradition, by the breath of the living a song those teaching themselves sunk into the great sky ocean and could not find the air.

The darkness made loud thunder from the clouds of every storm, but there were none to brave the storm to drown with them, the thunder hoped the mountains would come to the depths of the sea, but the clouds weighed on the water and the lightning struck the swimmers and set the rain to brimstone fires, those not struck breath sulfur. The darkness contained the fire because no light was brought by day. At the edge of darkness stood the harvesters of souls and spoke their ancient unknown words and rang their pointless and pointlessly named bells as they consume the ghosts of the lost.

The darkness attacked the sun and the king of gods strikes the darkness down, it loses and is dragged like all before it as the harvesters and the coming day watch, to the deep darkness beneath the world tree.

At the end of the roots began the light that is sound, new darkness as light and new light as darkness, there the ghosts of those who the gods will not permit to raptures delight must do the works of mental prisons, digging dirt that is not there, laying bricks that are not spare, those who are consumers of the human spirit are forced to chronicle each entrant and exiter without their mouths for eternity that they may not speak or feed on life, the demons laugh and rejoice amongst the valley beneath the world, joying and pleasuring while the prisoners of the underworld serve no purpose without interaction as the pets of dark menagerie, occasionally fed to the beasts from before the darkness. 

Unto the old ways where the water is wind and the earth is fire toward the high throne of the order of necromancy, unto the queen of demons, her gaze unto her loyal inspires torture of wicked souls, she gazes left to right and right to left and the screams of the silent become waves of writhing misery as symphony to she the source of the lost witch diamonds and snakes of amnesia, two hourglasses allow her to consume thousands of years with each instant, without costume or idea she rises, by the blood in the air her gown becomes armor marked by the pentagram. 

The teeth of the death queen bleed, her scream becomes her breath by so the creature called darkness that the god king delivers enters her lungs, she regains her shadow once sent to make an ocean of blood, her blood becomes darkness and eyes of fire her hands become sharpened talons and her bones of metal and attacks the god king. 

They collide and the filth of the underworld echoes overcoming all lesser sounds, a thunder in a cave of unholy disorder, she is without fear as sound and light are one in explosion. The god king tears the tail from a dragon and cracks its many blades and stones as a whip, the sharpened scales cut into his hand to pain handled only by gods to better grip, she strikes his face and cuts the water of his eye releasing fire and magic bringing blind and thirsty demons to consume him, they are the insatiable and ravenous, he tears the dragon's wing and with talons of wing and whip of tail of scales of blades clears path to clash, but the royal demoness tears thru his shield and cries acid onto him, he throws her into the distance and her eyes are as they were at the beginning, he begins to pain from the venom and his skin begins burning with bright fire. 

He tears a bone from the wing and throws it as a spear, piercing her and her heart to the floor, again a second bone, this time his footsteps the thunder, the demons cease approach and gnaw on the prisoners of the underworld now again, he tears at his smoking skin and sheds as would any snake, she leaps the length of many bodies, tearing the spears thru herself to attack him, a rage anew, all of her teeth he strikes at her impaling does she him her hands into his chest, wickedly laughing and wailing of bliss back and forth she bleeds into the god king, his memories become predictions his strength becomes cold, as he falls the snakes of hell envenom him and he bites the demon witch, as if to scream to speak she blinks but only once before he rips out her heart, her ribs are scimitars and flay his hands and yet he removes it, tearing it out with her shadow soul attached. 

The demons rise to avenge her, he stands bloodied by the damned and things of the holy sun, this is the summons of the archangels who spread wings to hide him and push wind to deliver him to the clouds and the black heart of the demon into the sun itself where all demons must bath in the fire of the sky.