04 April 2016

Helioscope, I

A welcoming to the moon, the world of wolves manifest, in twilight waves enchantment planetary magic. Now servicing our fears protects our world as the psychic path displaced. That which is seen is first a thought. Random, this human experiment into freedom has vision, the mind imprisoned by ignorance echoes into illusions that surround us. 

A storm of time spins reality around you, the heart and mind are at conflict, mental emotions and emotional decisions cause a loss of gravity. Spiritually breathing is weak against thoughts of switching truth for desires, right now, so beware what is not scientific until the spring winds bring fresh air.  

The chimera spirit of humans is a wolf until the next moon, strong when hunting, a conduit between love and emotion, the sound of infinite dimensions in your birth stone manifests defiance, mainly unnatural dominance over ourselves. 

Distant disasters of modern life are not of the five original elements, neither physical nor genetic, yet are from a gathering negative psychic energy. Threats by the revolutionists are faint epidemics of the psychic fever. Continents could flash with madness, sometimes mercy is attacked by those with the madness. 

By each disconnect from illusion, we deeper find our physical activity and the plenty of work, our mind, body, spirit. Each integration into dharma we explore new universes as more than spectators, which permits us to know the realm of possibility. 

Be thru a complete awakening, deep into your thoughts lose control, thoughts are of the personality ignored and chosen all the same. Despite the brightness of the sun, the time and space passes thru itself as itself.