01 May 2016

Understanding Your Singularity

We see the stars at night and the sun at dawn, once wondering why the night ends and the day begins and knowing we can learn more, humanity finds new questions to share and new answers, which we use to ask ourselves the meaning of the universe. What emotional struggles we cannot in duration so quickly know, we let the troubling red sun set and rest until anew.

It may be the most important thing to know if we are the light long overdue of the magnificent night sky, the dawn without rest or dusk without test, but it is important to be aware that the fires of uncountable stars cannot compare to the life of dawn or the mercy of dusk. The light against the surface shines and we share that surface as humanity, the light is the end of energy that cannot exist without a source.

The entity explodes in all directions, times, and modes, we are the singularities in relays of intervals of evolution, to shine against something other than ourselves, as continuous light in transparency.