28 January 2015

Words on Leaves

So far you have M346-359 to go, i'll key the next chapter into shape and present it soon, after a year having opened it just now and split it into three. I think its ennui and an onset sullen pall make for great times, yet as a sea of faces catches the psychic of myself with a nickname they seem to reflect the worst, in an onslaught of pensive people and lost leaders. Sleep to be ourselves. In 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds, we read something new, our shared minds, some thoughts until then, some paths beyond reason, how the future changes because of our pasts. When it was said that the pen is mightier than the sword, no one ever said that it would be the pen of a sane person, and I have some problems of my own. A story I've never written and secrets never told, but that's the secret of life in a way.

Fortune cookie. If you fail at moderation, try restraining yourself.