04 February 2015

Time To Live Anachronism

FCC is about to invoke net neutrality. Metaphors are good for you types.

The internet acts as a toll road, you pay to play, and the access provider fixed the medium. Lets imagine that toll road leases the lines from the government, which I'll call FCC so I can type quicker, that would be like a state toll road outsourcing the maintenance/operation for a smaller fee but a less demanding role. Such as the FCC does for many lines. Net Neutrality, uses the word fair a lot, or its proponents do, but it's no more than demanding the toll-road operators pay for public roads that are the FCC's responsibility, despite many lines being leased already.

What would happen if the FCC had to actually make its own internet to distribute? Would realities be understood, realized, or would they become violent?

Al Gore did not invent the internet. The FCC did not create open access by mandating it, because the internet uses phone lines, which were invented by A. G. Bell (or Antonio Meucci). The argument there is that ATT prohibited private hardware, the actions that resulted were consumer protections, which Net Neutrality is not. Imagine traffic jams on the highway because of a pot hole, because the maintenance is being serviced to non paying customers, who likely already pay taxes contributing the FCC already. (do the people benefiting from populist policies pay anything?) People would've discovered TOR modems. The article http://www.wired.com/2015/02/fcc-chairman-wheeler-net-neutrality/ from the chairman of the politburo sites these things lopsidedly, then proceeds to visibly state that a company with faster bandwidth lost to a company with slower bandwidth and somehow net neutrality is still a good idea. What. A fucking. Moron.

Phone openness, FCC didn't invent phones. He follows by proving he totally missed the classes, plural, on packet switching, in regards to throttling. Some of you seemed to have in seeking equal outcome lost grasp of individual rights.

We (oh yeah, who?)[stfu, wiki] used to say, liberals think two plus two equals five, but now I'm starting believe they think three minus three is nine. These better places in your minds I wish I could go, that no one goes, it's all so very sad really. And I'm the crazy one.