16 January 2015

Down Stream

I'll post twice today, this and the next one which is kinda a quick essay about, well the hell whatever and this one is unedited just a post. Because writing isn't a disorder society has tried to cure.

OMG longest lunch ever, it's now 7 hours later and # this post.

It was basically, from http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org/learn/common-misconceptions/ that the toxic garbage island (also a Gojira song) twice the size of Texas, is only one of several, isn't a floating mass it's a coagulating area of dissolving plastic products byproduct (?) that contributes chemicals into the water and lower oceanic level foodchain things. Additional to the debris on shores.

I wanted to add that I think the stew of plastic sludge enters the atmosphere and contributes to drought by adding weight to the water vapor collection, falling far short of the shore. Imagine a swamp, but in the ocean, which is where i imagine a lovecrafted monster will rise from the poisonous darkness. If and when it falls on the shores would cause drought by mere fact plants don't grow from sludge rain. You can question if oil-coated plants are insect resistant, if not also water resistant. So everyone complaining about smog is correct about heating, but heat will only contribute to a faster water cycle, which has its pros and cons.

My solution is an alternative, instead of contributing waste from plastic that is down-cycled, and not recycled, melt all the plastic into sheets and fabricate lumber, then build easily_repairable housing for the poor and stupid, as then as stockpile the rest in case of war and emergency. Plastic lumber can sit in stock yards for centuries. Then the hippies can plant trees. I heard that some cities are converting steel freighter boxes into houses, reminiscent of an animal farm. That metal could be repurposed for the engineering and computational sectors.

A plastic lumber Google search, it can help the 3D printing industry for the specific small parts and accessories, just order online or drive down to the local 3D-printing store.

In conclusion, lego houses and lazy socios. If you all want to live, considering that federal officials get ridiculously pristine pensions, you'll enforce political office term limits and limited to twenty years, or less. I'm sorry you didn't think of this first. Maybe you'll get a lego house on the beach.