02 August 2011

Balanced Approach

Balanced Approach

like withered incest replicas of their braver and unintellectual ancestors, they plan to kill all things republican - the name implies nothing of interest, the idea is quite profound, it is not the people from all of time named republican that defended freedom, it was the citizens of any nation, by any name, that protected themselves from the lacking visions of ideologues and warmongers - it is again that era, today the republicans take stand against oppression and caste ideology, tomorrow it will be our children - welcome to the second age of humanity - the WH issues terse fiats against GOP plans - issues veto threats against balance budget amendments - and rejected bipartisan deals made for resolution and compromise, playing chicken without a parachute - this is why some call him "Walking Eagle" - the president has created an abusive relationship with the people, that i knew was possible, but i never knew people made a career of it - those who defend abuse, are no less than aiding it - what's with the press secretary saying it's crazy that people want a plan written down, despite being hours away-from default - what a bunch of spoiled brats - politics would ruin my relationship, if a matter of opinion were in conflict, however, i would not sabotage my success because of bias - 'that's just ignorant' as the Dixie say - only the liars don't write down a plan - perhaps they're waiting on me to not support the R - too rich for my blood - 20 banks are meeting with the treasury, to buy some of our debt, finally not printing the money, they borrow from the banks they slandered for ages, in the past one American bank would do, now its all they can do to borrow from every sleazy outlet possible and spend, with their eyes closed, hoping for an atheist miracle - indeed quite pitiful, "my kingdom for a horse" -

for our exceptional strength, coveted by politicians and celebrated by democracy, the American redemption remains with returning America to an independent, free, and accepted nation - job creation, balanced budgets, limited and powerful government - United States of America - liberty needs and wants support, justice is the perseverance and preservation of freedom, tyranny is for the weak - and when will Washington stop squandering everything - stop borrowing money that no one has, so that the future is indebted to a lost legacy of the past - we must deal with reality, or suffer dark times - i don't understand, the democrats helped the republicans craft the budget deal, then the democrats don't vote for its ratification, then the democrats attempt to pass the exact-same bill, in order to take credit, thinking that that republicans will agree to such a farce - wouldn't it be easier for the democrats just to vote for the bill the first time through - the lack of fiscal discipline, and lack of gusto for reform, harkens to classical villains of literature - someone should let these communists know that we are not peasants legally bound to the land we work - we are not serfs or wage slaves - and if you think we are, you are a true communist pig -

drafting new taxes outside of congress, is dubious, the Finance Committee approves new funds without open debate with unfounded resolution, and the Appropriations Committee allocates the funds in new taxes on specific castes, or requires newly printed funds from the Federal Reserve, the Budget Committee (or its house of reps counterpart, just as the others) is there to provide legitimacy and circumvent fiscal action that is inappropriate at that time - checks and balances that are completely nonexistent in a system without a myriad of redundant councils and committees - no more blank checks for those who would subvert the process by allowing parameters to be later determined, fascist autocracy is not feasible - there is only one way to stimulate growth, and you need a permit if you're under eighteen years old - the plans of liberals are fundamentally different than conservatives, because liberals have no fundamental elements, they are radical by choice and reactionary unto alarmist levels - never meek they are often wrong and never unsure - the notion and utter comprehension of political corruption is not new, it must be noted that it can be simply stunning to see elusive sociopaths so openly malevolent interacting with passive aggression to the unsuspecting populous, as if desperate to be caught in the act of treason - basically, the insane politicians are running the asylum now - did you hear about the official from Canada who was fired for not having his balanced budget ready on time, now that's efficiency, and they say it's nice this time of year, don't ya know -

flat taxes are out, because they have never been the simple solution, and the results cannot be measured because the outcome is dynamic, an average does not make a logical variable, cutting from the rich, adding to the poor, even if plausible becomes nightmarish/arduous - loophole closing creates such an equalizing effect, but is ultimately ineffective if said loopholes are not redacted - no new taxes, the abject permanence of alternative minimum taxes are worse than protected classes - why do people elect commoners to do the work of intellectuals - tax cuts are not tax expenditure, that would be bad math, taxes do not inherently belong to the government, this is our founding principle - just say no, to extortion - eliminating deductions is bitter, if these needed to be cut, wouldn't they have been on the chopping block before now - since the earned income tax credit goes to some people who don't pay taxes, and promotes assistance dependency, belongs to the category of entitlement programs, which are spending programs and not tax cuts - neoconservative cuts to life in excess - spending cuts to defense should be funded by cuts to foreign military aid, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, if they want a civilized world, they can be a part of it, we can no longer afford to subsidize terror (or treason) - domestic spending cuts must counteract the deficit policy of the left (Marxism, communists, liberal-socialists), debt ceiling extension are enacted to curb bankruptcy, yet only if actual cuts are being made, also, cuts cannot be scheduled allowing progressive politics to pollute democracy - cut accurately, not fiercely, if growth occurs, "coast" - hiring people to count the money you save, to hire people who find waste, is redundant - civilized is conservative - altering the consumer price index, unexplored territory to my understanding, you'd literally be changing the price of things as a spending cut, but the size of personal deductions, loopholes, would be newly massive and certain to occur with steady growth correlative to the population, this classified exemption would include a massive portion of the general population, as in the entire lower and middle class, negating any deficit solution enacted - it's a tax cut, that's a tax hike - if unconstitutional mandates exist, dismantle them by the largest pieces possible -

the W. tax cuts were progressive and ineffective in this very fashion, though being the largest tax cuts in US history, by altering the lowest tax bracket, without incentives increasing of entitlements to child tax credits, and alternative minimum tax was increased, this is similar to Obama's $700 stimulus checks, or the adamant socialist belief that debt ceilings without financial reform have a positive effect - no one said you couldn't blame the last guy, we're just saying give over and do something about it - not all socialism is the good kind - future discretionary spending cannot be estimated and capped completely accurately because of population growth, natural disaster(s), and market fluctuation - (for the record, following the Clinton era tax increases, the unemployment rates of US during W. went from 4.7% in 2001 to 6.2% in 2003, but back to 4.6% in 2006, after progressive/moderate tax cuts - it was not until deficit Keynesian economics that all hell broke loose) - partial privatization of social security (accounts) are no different than an RothIRA, both are a good idea - socialists aren't bad, "feeding the multitude", the idiots that try to follow them are - no exceptions for philanthropy, a conservative capitalist philosophy must not be complacent for small victories, only to be circumvented by a liberal filibuster, the statue of liberty will not light the way for our allies if her torch is lost in a foreclosure - a balanced budget amendment is the high road, insufficiency is the low road - what if liberals renege on tax cuts, they already repeal every act of solvency - whales will fill the sky before hypothetical long-term savings will come to fruition, the liberals have a gambling addiction -

did you know that there haven't been any new jobs in 11 years - it's called a lost decade, a consistent percentage of the country employed- when not collecting unemployment, people aren't recorded in that demo anymore - people were paid, on average less than ever, and inflation - even those good, albeit inactive, years of O. - it seems that being attacked from the west wasn't only physical damage, it was emotional and regrettably economic - say what you wish, a contagion of hate and malice fell upon us on that day in September while the innocent were writing poems in the park - for some it was never serious, for others the terror may never end - and while we attack each others souls, unemployment rates are somehow perpetually down more than 3/4 million jobs a year, but government jobs steadily more than 25K additional per year - Welfare Entitlements wouldn't change a growing unemployment rate in any situation, a growing population is finding there are fewer jobs - we've all seen the half a million jobs lost a month, and the liberals devoted to the protocols of failure, ever doubtful roving lunatics - if you consider unreported income, economic collapse could stretch back as far as 25 years - farming jobs on a steady decline, self-employed have almost disappeared thanks to the tax code - i thank those of you who want to pay more taxes, and i despise those of you who pay nothing yet want them to pay more, it just doesn't help a thing - those that are in a dream believe that payrolls can't get any lower, aside inflation, many have awakened to realize the economy is fatally broken and needs consolation - neither more of the same, nor less of the ne'er-do-wells will do, we need a functional government -

did you know that govt jobs are up, 2.4 million since Jan 99 - you should first fix the broken healthcare act before its bylaws are set into motion by a corrosive bureaucracy - rubber stamp automatons - there would not be cuts without enforcement - Dems have always lied about spending cuts - heroes want tort reform, weasels want malpractice reform - mandating triggers does not provide procedure, leaving massive tax hikes (why do socialists rebrand taxes 'new revenue') as the only option - the process that is budgeting was the inspiration and outward motivation for ObamaCare, since neither of them successfully exist it's time to fire the liars - ensuring a varied approach it was/is a packaged tax increase that in no way significantly reduces spending - program integrity, curb entitlements, fraud, abuse, and wasteful spending in government office and program recipients, through research co-ops with AMA, FDA, EPA, IRS etc., - ballot initiatives can cut any program, at any interval - social service cuts are taboo, but qualification requirements are not, i.e. drug testing, literacy, graduation status, etc., - i'm three minds about immigration, for it, against it, and where do i put the idiots now that Mexicans are taxing agro jobs - stipulations of the budget process shall not inhibit or prohibit any existing part of the legislature - social security reform takes place after super majority budgets have been passed or defeated -

you know how to reach me, how do we reach them - expanding the welfare state made the tax cuts useless, because no public works program was created, socialism doesn't create jobs it creates help, and unless your job is helping people this way you haven't seen private sector job growth for ten years, it is similar to the way the catholic church ran for centuries, and if you weren't godless heathens you'd realize all of this on your own - the unemployment rate was higher than this during the Reagan administration, his tax cuts brought down unemployment numbers 5.5% - job growth in this country has been of opportunity and not privilege for a decade - Reagan's predecessor Carter did little for the economy, despite being a wealthy peanut farmer, *perhaps he wanted people to work for peanuts, leaving the federal government in deficit every year of office -

the timeline, Nixon (shame to country, looked like Ed Sullivan) tax hikes horrible deficits, Ford tax cuts slow recovery, Carter tax hikes horrible deficits, Reagan tax cuts massive recovery, H.W. Bush tax hikes deficits, Clinton tax hikes focused on growth and education were well enough but combined inhibiting tax exemptions and excessive taxation eventually caused a massive unemployment rate climb (starting at the time of his impeachment - absolute power, corrupts absolutely), G.W. Bush tax cuts slow recovery negated by Katrina September Dodd/Frank Wars III and the expansion of the welfare state (people who don't know how to save, the unfortunate do need help, the inept though will always take it) - with an expanded Welfare State the upper class was required to pay again, now taxes bring with it 45% of people not paying taxes, and 5% paying 55%, this removes job availability and creates a 'poor' economic recovery - largesse expansion of government -

but these reflect employment numbers, up and down, one measured value of a country is called the gross domestic product (GDP) - the GDP has always grown, until 2008, when the largest redistribution of wealth in American history occurred, facilitated by O., accompanied with the largest debt increase in the nation's history, accompanied by that largest deficit spending program, followed by the largest Welfare State, followed by the largest Entitlement Program imbalance - half do not pay taxes, rich paying more than ever, Keynesian economics without an era of prosperity (which is needed to support these actions) - pardon the pun, but I believe O. is a market-bull in a China shop -

Current timeline - Obama deficit, working through massive debt by incurring debt, void economic policy adamant Welfare policy, oblivious followers who are increasingly annoying and naive - nothing worse than a useful idiot - he gave a lot of tax breaks, but never paid for them (like each of his predecessors, though in different fields), and with an expansion of the Welfare State all taxes are useless because welfare does not pay taxes, not paying taxes (as a registered citizen) is why illegal immigrants are second class citizens - deficit spending never stopped, unemployment numbers didn't drop for years until 'stimulus' ended - tax burden incomprehensible and irreparable, all previous economic movements have been more certain, on the scale of years growth is either up or down, circa market has volatility and disorder among the unions - incurring such debt at this rate could take down not just countries but continents - and the late blooming austerity measures do Nothing to even remotely address entitlement programs, nor do these plans protect the nation's credit ratings - possible plans for infrastructure banks supersede the authority of congress, mandates only serve to increase premiums - biggest middle class tax hike in history - the two largest debt-increases in U.S. history both under president O. - no defense initiative - no control - no respect for taxpayers - no plan for recovery -

the false politician - usually in this order - campaign lies, fearing for the future partisan recruitment (liberalism, corporate pandering, class warfare), voter mobilization (consolidation w/o scope), collusion, voter placation and promises (a dichotomous trait) to achieve party funding, rhetoric and propaganda filled with plagiarized ramblings of successful speakers (demanding voter action while omitting personal responsibility, intentions, fascism), feigned democracy with ulterior motives -

selling treasury bills, borrows money to pay back to other countries with interest - these borrowers will then treat their investments as personal wealth and not waste it, as opposite to all social welfare which is readily and verily wasted, outside funds then buy American goods and creates growth elsewhere - living paycheck to paycheck, as it were, still postpones the inevitable collapse/relapse into deficit spending which indefinitely will have liberals wanting to spend and avoid responsibility and conservatives wanting to conserve and protect, thus the conservatives will be exploited by the liberals perpetually - soon the naively begin believing money grows on trees and unfortunately stagflation and recession ensue - often in vanity for others and a cult of personality -

inflation is a lateral move of stagflation, new loans causing commodity prices to rise ahead of wages - borrowing money from major banks will take funds from public loans (student, mortgage, car, etc) because mandatory socialism disadvantages the responsible - default causes low interest rates and loans that become bad assets in the financial sector, another bubble would kill any benefits gained -

if the debt 'ceiling' is not to be raised without corresponding cuts to the budget, then shouldn't any closing of a loophole or end of a tax break be weighted against an equal or greater budget reduction - i wish i could tell the politician who is spending the most money of all, that they are fired, then give their responsibility to the anyone else and fire them if they become abetters to the deficit - i know the debt consolidation and reduction plan belongs to the congress, because it's a taxation issue, but it mustn't undermine the 14th amendment to the constitution, and the delegated committees mustn't abridge civil rights - it is so mediocre for anyone to continue trying to raise taxes during recession - Yay, we kinda did it! The debt exists, the deficit is smaller, the Balanced budget amendment is missing -  does recent austerity plans completely remove the deficit and does successfully addressing the deficit take any focus on the nation's debt, or does it merely provide more taxes for naught - congress should be granting the principles of growth, and not seeking and procuring new taxes - this includes you liberals - government protects society, not projects society, for it is a reflection of society itself - government cannot think and provide for the poor better than they can provide for themselves - if they could we'd all be the richest person in the world -

such a big house, such a little man - capitalism and laws are by far better than lawless communism - if the left hates economic reform, it has to be a good idea - $1T in cuts over ten years is the same as what the govt spends in 10 days - capitalism makes people humble, communism makes people hungry - there has always been a balance between liberal communism and conservative capitalism, but seemingly overnight the balance has shifted to end an age of growth - beholden to redistributive welfare economics And foreign communism has for the first time in the country's history, defeated growth - make no doubts about it, without free-market capitalism the economy will collapse -

microeconomics (explaining trickle down economics) for idiots - if A has 1 dollar, and B wants/needs it, the dollar has worth, if A values the dollar than it now has two natural appraisals of worth - this is called an economy - if i give a dollar to A and he buys a dollar worth of federal insurance I've subsidized and given A something for free that a tax payer does not get, unfair this is called abject bias or communism - if i give A a dollar, Welfare, and it is used to buy food, the state gets the sales tax and the store pays taxes at a regular interval thus funding the government to do it's job of providing Welfare to people, the sad irony is that if the tax payer were to buy the food A could be employed selling the food, the government wouldn't need to siphon funds for operating costs to provide A with assistance - lowering taxes allows B to buy more goods, allows A employment from economic growth, and provides a positive growth rate -

fractal is an epithet, time is a place, truth is a vision - you can legalize weed for tax revenue, but i thought getting away with it was part of the enjoyment, isn't that why a good liberal will hold their breath to get their way - make significant reform now, have these trigger councils all acting as budget committees designed to find specific financial gains with their respective authorities, one cut per referendum, and cut cap and balance manually until the goal has been met, as duly needed to not cut vital services from innocent people - if it's not balanced, it's broken - Washington is full of snakes and other rat-eating bastards that swallow everything whole without moderation even if it slows them down and/or kills them - there is a tea party, in the 21st century, somebody screwed the pooch - if conservatives are dangerous, liberals are pedantic - only taxpayers should get to vote - tolerance seeks limitations, intolerance seeks to set them -

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