02 August 2011

Zen Beyond Control

Zen Beyond Control

unions collect dues, socialists give them back, communists don't know when to quit - civics, not social justice - communists want to make us live in fear - they take your ides and corrupt them - they call them posers and fakes, and they take office like their waiting for someone - the intelligent ones are nearing worse for wear, without fail the communists set entitlements and expectations on the shoulders of other, hoping for a free-ride - we must be heard, our message is freedom, and it also must be free and fostered by a society that does not rival for political capital - the song of DC must change and the politicians who contradict themselves with spite before and after, must not be allowed to sing with wretched voices, or they will kill our dreams - forthright fundamental changes in how we spend taxes, and return to liberty from tyranny, embracing destiny - by incompetence or treason some of our leaders have today shamed and failed us - demand the tenets of our faith, even if it is nationalistic, family freedom fortune - restore fiscal sanity, and give the saboteurs a single term to pack their things - promises are broken, to cut taxes or to cut irrelevant spending, their I.O.U.'s are not worth the paper - the life support is killing lady liberty, pull the incompetent from office, impeach, indict, ignore, the failures of humanity - adversity is a part of time, but corruption is politics - changing the name of the executioner doesn't stop consequence - we must work together, we must train ourselves to witness the ploys of imposters - they are a threat from within our border, they lie with they liars, and preach lies to the general public, without fact, without notion - terrorist fight while tyrants amass armament - while fair weather politicians dance with the devil, our people are beginning to starve -

reality is captured and tortured by liberal media, allow me to retort - inflation is considered important in the process of usury, populists who are increasingly dependent on communism or socialism and the state advocate conjecture that intends to damage lenders and lowering credit costs to the point of relaxed lending practices, the problems with this is that when interest rates are raised, the effect is countermanded, and those hoping to attain wealth to relieve debtor stress are flush with devalued currency in any event - witting or ignorant, politicians supporting this idealistic principle are placating but unfortunately ineffective - this might have theoretically worked, had they been the bank and borrower - unlimited campaign contributions and endless lobbyists make a breed of politicians worse than communism - communism is what a nuclear family has, if done properly the child is desperate to leave at legal age, eager for new opportunities - the sign of populism/communism are simple to identify, a branded fascism (in the case if family this is called a credo), an opposition to comprehension of common or experimental sciences, and ironically amongst all that, a desire for heavy regulation, often inciting belief in representative support hereto providing none - imperialism in the form of free trade with suppression of crime and intrinsic programs of rehabilitation solves anarchy, yet as it is called antitrust, the fascists would have you deconstruct all establishments in lieu of state ownership and heavy tariff - evidence keeps public opinion vigilant and vengeful, whereas communism provides a swath of corruption and citizenship from the status of privilege to right, republicanism controls power insomuch keeping it from deviation and corruption, granting rights to those who obey the laws of the free-world, unfair to populists for they believe their providence to cheat came first, and should be honored with the privilege to do so, the irony belonging to the fact that, either by malice revenge or stupidity, they do not offer it to others -

caveat emptor, carpe diem, just something you should know before you buy what you see, the rest of the world is not truly waiting for you - 14 Million unemployed - 30+ Million need a rope - monetary inflation, meets austerity - only the incompetent need the government to dole insurance for the welfare state, as if they're Uncle Sam's unexpected minority babies, in these times anything but -receptive or creative or diminutive - if the public sector is unique then it is a monopoly, therefore tax collection is an antitrust issue - there must always be someone to break the bureaucracy and disguised autocracy of the left - thoughts speak louder than words, social media, the internet, is a place for communists to hide and share a collective mind - society is a place to learn, it must not be a cesspool of intolerance and defamation - purely amazing how a little cutting taxes can create jobs and surpluses for war-chests, to a society that does not of volition exploit the system when charity is available - live within your means, and enjoy success, or suffer the veritable next populist insurrection - balanced approaches by unbalanced fools leads to profligate spending, gambling addiction, and corrupt taxes - a trigger to raise taxes on the rich would be tripped by the growing "welfare state" at every opportunity, likely unintentionally as the leading condition of failure is incompetence - if you need a Balanced Budget Amendment, anyone who doesn't want one, cant count - no appropriations that exceed the budget, (Counting, The Book) you cant spend money that doesn't exist - printing money becomes irresponsible, which becomes opportunity for usury, even at the highest level, even ironically to those with the printing press - encompass the idea of incapacity - if you see a book with the words, For Dummies, on it, steal it and read it in your home - cry wolf, or cry wool - program structuralization, restructuring, not program amassment - accumulation is hoarding -

fund our options with more taxpayers, less payroll collectors - change the way spending occurs, occlude waste, include transparency, implement fiscal verification - capital punishment breaks a divine commandment and nears populist rage, it is but one option, which becomes viable as repeat criminal offenders plague a system that will eventually not afford social justice (charity, socialism, welfare; fraudulent) for those who break the rules, yet choose only a life of crime - they have taken capitalism to throes, repeal the mandates - "raising the debt ceiling is a failure of leadership" - leadership is not spending & tax cut promises, the quality of leadership is action and solutions enacted -

Equal taxes means equal sacrifice, progressive taxes penalize whom works harder and saves more, and is accordingly a mild form of robbery - economic depression is caused by inept-leadership stupor, pitiful leaders, always needing to begged and coaxed and coddled into doing the proper thing, egomaniacs that cry when they can break their toys and break them because you wont let them do whatever they want - unprincipled children, unbridled anarchy - no control, how quickly the kings fall, without mentors, how quickly the students move to make masters of themselves, dredging the pools of disrespect for despotic melody - forcing communism on employees, calling it something else, taking their naive ingenuity and corrupting it - the greatest fiends are swayed with the truth - as they make to control it, you must control what the truth will become -

unemployment still 10%, underemployment 30%, while trying to wish jobs back to the economy, federal layoffs and furloughs affects the American people, the same failure as it is in any other instance, a continued flawed logic of firing employees to create jobs and furloughs that don't stimulate the economy in any fashion - collapsing economies desperately need ethical development, political economics and not sectarianism, an opposition to unlimited state control, created by the logical solution that are based on confirmations established in reality, refutable by those unable to cower in the shadow cast over the land by communists - the content produced by lackluster people is the result of contact with failure and the erroneous support of incorrect shared beliefs which in thought and action cannot be reduced or forgotten - old fascists die hard - capitalism that doesn't scare intellectuals is called utilitarianism - an item's ethical validity is based upon its utility - needs are usually greater than dreams in value with this philosophy, no one needs government nursing people until their death, those who think it should, are only good enough for government work - it really quite simple, those who believe in autocracy are more than easily influenced by the power of suggestion, they do what they are told until the moment of suffering then rebelling destructively desperate for fascism and a diet of pathological lies - capitalism is a classical economic view of production factors, the public unions that act like roving anarchist communists have been a part of society for many ages, such as the armies Attila the Hun, or Genghis Khan, (among countless others) whose deplorable actions were result of chaotic rationality, unreachable demands without intent for civility followed by all the wrath of war, for a cause that they could not even do and would choose to threaten the welfare of the entire republic/society until they were outrageous and overcome - those were the depraved, this corruption grew on ancient Rome and an empire burned while the perpetrator Nero played a stolen violin - ashes, ashes, we all fall down -

when you balance the budget there is no desperate need to raise the debt ceiling - when rationing resources to a growing population one cannot manifest a solution - the adversities of fate confront redemption, solutions must be enacted in response to aversive procrastination - some unions today will strike entire sectors, demanding federal pension, employee pension, deposit insurance, and taxes on the job providers while reputing nationalization, all the while, one in four children are in hunger, in the rest of the world far worse - greed happens to be most displayed and denied by profligate pathological liars - can a company hire non-union workers, yes, if unions weren't so bigoted they would represent the ten million farm workers, but they don't, they only take hostage easy targets, shutting down commerce, to service their greed - union membership is at an all time low - Danny Green, Jimmy Hoffa - i saw a man walking through a union protest of a plant that would not staff union employees, they screamed and chanted to rally cries of atrocity for a port that though processing a rich amount of goods, only employed 50 workers and turned a minimum profit - yet the protesters wanted pay that would force the plant to close - a man approached the crowd with a poster he had made at home, he nudged his way through them keeping the poster closed and when he could make it to the freight container they had surrounded at one side, i'm supposing to worship and bow to their leader, he asked another person there to help him duct-tape the sign to the metal wall - wide as his six foot six arm span they raised and taped the poster that read in all red letters "YOU ARE ALL - COMMUNISTS - GO HOME" - he smiled of his accomplishment prepared to laugh as he turned to the protesters, and surely did when he saw their slack jaws - they screamed and pushed and riled - he did not work there, he did not work for anyone of there, he had considered the non union people that needed the pay, and decided to put the sign - when the mob lost control they attacked him, he hurt many of them drastically as many others were arrested by the sheriff and his men -

problems with Obama/PPACA - though it guarantees coverage to all and provides exchange brokerages it fails in the following ways - purchase mandates and small business impediment (Section 1501), extensive inappropriate coverage that underwrites actual conditions, if you don't smoke, you're still getting the smoker's package (Section 2701), denial of basic or limited coverage for a lower cost (Section 2711), mandated preventative care regimens with options for cost-sharing and maintenance prohibited (Section 2712), employer plans must cover children until 26 (Section 2714), fees for external services (ex. abortion clinics for single men fees)(Section 1302), (monopoly) exchange prices are determined as 60% of actuary evaluation, (Section 1302 (d) (1) (A)), patient deductibles cannot exceed $2K or in family $4K (Section 1302 (c) (2) (A)), $750-$3000 evaluated fine for not providing insurance when 50 employees or more, if fine is less than coverage cost, employee does not receive the difference (Section 1513), employees of any company cannot set aside more than $2,500/year from salaries for health-flexible-spending-arrangements, but no support for employer deductible limits (Section 9005 (i)), in violation of doctor patient confidentiality rights, HHS has been granted authority to measure practitioner resources with specifics to patients, issue evaluations of procedure, and contrast results to national database, providing utility for regulation (Section 3003 (i)), no new hospitals or private practices that do not accept Medicare-Provider-Agreements prior to last year (Monopoly)(Section 6001 (i) (1) (A)), no campus expansion without meeting communal development requirements, even then only as big as regulation allows (Section 6001 (i) (1) (B)) (Section 6601 (i) (3) ( E)) (Section 6001 (i) (3) (C)), insurance providers cannot raise costs to achieve fiscal solvency without HHS Czar approval (Section 1003), pharmaceutical industry annual operation fees $2.3B-$2.8B times percentage share of consumer market (Section 1404) (Section 9008 (b)), medical device maker operation fees $2B times share percentage, detracting from research and development funds (Section 9009 (b)) and eventually a blanked excise tax (Section 1405), heavy excise taxes on insurance companies creating a climate that forces everyone into the welfare state health exchange regulation entitlement program (Section 1406) (Section 9010 (b) (1) (A and B)), .5% payroll tax for over $250K just for government funding (Section 9015) eventually 3.8% (Section 1402), cosmetic surgery and tanning tax, even if considered vital surgery (section 10907),and lastly, though large companies have been accused of hoarding their assets (to protect themselves from unjust taxation), deferred compensation below $500K is prohibited, you forget to cash your check, that's your fault (Section 9014) - and that's not the half of it -

the other 2,600 pages are for you to wipe your ass - conservatives are orderly, liberals are haphazard - entitlement programs will only allow welfare recipients to not improve their station in life - if they do not learn how to walk, they will fall - rofl just to name a few - there are those who have given us this debt, and the presidents who allowed this farce to continue, we honor the conservative leaders, we disown the abuses of liberal thought concerning destruction - the solutions have met with confrontation by those with no answers even for themselves - we cannot afford to ignore society, nor can we indulge in destruction - the enemy of my enemy is my friend - defense is priceless - how long must liberal elites avoid humbling honest labor and sneak their way through politics eventually hurting the people -

there was an act of domestic terror the other day - make no mistake, it was terror - he was/is opposed to migration, perhaps the country from which they originate is uncivilized - multiculturalism is a natural element of life, there should be now law supporting it, nor a law against it - multiculturalism is required, without it i would be worried - the freedom of religion is protected as a necessity, without it despotic religious theocracy would ruin the world as a chaotic poisonous idea that corrupts society - radical communist leftists support secular ideas, denying the validity of all opposition - reactionary communist rightists support sectarian ideas, destroying all instances of confrontation -

there was a massive undertaking of the house of representatives by the republican party in the past year, the movement is the result of careless accounting by Washington - no liberals won their election campaign, unless they were RINO - the zero hour of debt regulation has come to fruition, liberal democrats in Senate majority maintain positive that they will not approve the republican plan, of which are Cut, Cap and Balance, or any budgeting efforts whatsoever - it is disgusting how their opposition is traitorous or ambivalent - the republican plan is currently the only winning solution yet they are opposed, two plans set forth by the conservatives facing democrat opposition, no legislation of the democrats - if the country defaults, than cuts to the welfare state that typically votes for democrats, out of dependency or dumbness, resulting in further republican wins - because they oppose republicans winning - the cuts that republicans have submitted are not as deep as cuts that will be necessary after the economic default - inflation becomes an exponential catastrophe at this point, as it has in every failed communist regime - loans to be made in secrecy or salience will not come at cheep prices, and the money borrowed for redemptive salvation, will be loaned by the financially-upper-class whom the liberals love to hate and have taxed for ages - if ever there was a situation where classes remain divided, its following a liberal/democrat/communist/populist mistake -

lets take a ride on the tax and spend time machine - populists like the liberal democrats and many radicals with one enemy for every solution favored inflationary monetary policy, thinking that it enables people to pay their debts with more ease, their rationality belonged to beliefs that lenders could absorb the loss - with no debts a worthless dollar only makes starving easier - once you pay your debts with devalued currency, a solution to deflation is not available - anyone printing money wishes to see money devalued so that it's collection can support special interests without equality, such as voter pandering, fraud, and treason - there is no regulation that can end inflation, capitalist economics must be supported and the quality of currency must be restored and strengthened through commerce - printed money goes nowhere - those that lose do so by volition, those that educate themselves and others create through freedom of expression and survive through success of accomplishment - something given is not earned - prosperity is a growth in rewarded success, yet there are many who believe that taking from others and then giving to others is offering salvation, and that accepting stolen charity is redemption - without wealth there is no production, slaves work without recompense, egregious and illegal, without employment there is no employee, nothing can be saved without economic growth - raising taxes may increase demand for the dollar, but it does not cut taxes to bolster an economy, nor allow small businesses to attain the advances needed to develop free market capitalism - if you want to be clean, keep your dirty hands off your face, and your grubby claws out my pockets, or you'll be treated like a mongrel -

"we wont be fooled again" - cuts can be made and the debt ceiling, being a fatal and severe issue, must be temporary, thus its raising/advancement must also be temporary - debt does not solve debt (see also: magnetism) - new laws regarding healthcare have denationalized citizen rights and given autocracy to regulation and those supporting despotic practices - to provide proper and acceptable patient bylaws, any law relative/pursuant to healthcare must be done publicly by committee and presided by an overseer vetted by Congress and confirmed by the president of the United States, and/or governing officer of HHS - HHS council, consisting of elected officials - each questionable aspect objectively and judiciously scrutinized for all it's worth, seeking the validity by sequestering the governing agency and verifying necessity of each item in question with the advice of pundits who support the action - from this then can we have representation for healthcare mandates -

control government spending, put Americans back to work - balance your budget when everyone is paying taxes, only then will you find compromise with conservatives - save money by eradicating fraudulent payments - a system of economic regulation should support controlling costs and not controlling freedom, a government should support choice and not partisanship, nor racism, nor secularism, nor sectarianism, nor class warfare - there are two freedoms, one is life, one is support, of life we have free choice, of support we offer liberation and calculated response - the private sector solution to death prevention should be to certify that life is priceless and protect it at all costs - healthcare laws only ensure that everyone buys insurance yet assures that none can afford it - lobbies should appeal for aspects such as patient equality and coverage for preexisting conditions, in the same way that doctor/patient confidentiality was established - mandates only increase voter turnout of those that are addicted to democracy - the right to choose in freedom is better than the right to freedom without choices, the prior is liberty and the latter is demarcation - America doesn't need public approval from the evil people of the world -

when the housing crisis started taking victims, the first company to go was Lehman Bros. - everyone who had made the illegitimate loans (Dodd-Frank bill was/is absurd, public houses, though not my favorite solution are a better idea) had created default loan swaps, they had sold the loans according to their property value if the borrower defaulted, which is ironically less then the loan amount, but chopped into little pieces, untraceable, unnoticed, until bad assets polluted the markets, whether those responsible were employed at the firm, Lehman was trying to buy-up all the bad assets, to protect this country - a bail-out it could not afford, when it went it took part of the ship with it, as it were - inflation supporters, and big spenders jumped to action and you know how the rest goes -

i'm pretty sure, well, mostly in belief, that liberal economists know the joyride has ended - are wounded beasts ever calmed - ever innocent - ever peaceful - the govt public debt doubles every ten years - with the current inflation and current monetized debt a currency bubble is next - please stop ruining the economy, i would not like to live in a war zone, i'm too close to Chicago -

“We should make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty.”
-Benjamin Franklin