02 August 2011

A Letter from a Thief

A Letter from a Thief

evil theocracies lurk in the darkness singing of evils in the light - demagogues of redistribution absolutism and intellectual elitists swimming in the deceitful propaganda of cronyism, oligarchy, and confederacy, will not take from the society they have despoiled - the right to pursue happiness allows a free world for all to enjoy the most opportunity to prosper, logically, using work ethics, making money, and providing for our families, despite the placating falsified subtle nuances and destructive effects of social engineering, by creating entitlements that threaten to bankrupt the nation, irrefutably a failed ideology, by spending tax dollars directly trying to improve the lives of the less fortunate creates entitlement society and threatens individualism and moderate entitlement spending because a broken system cannot provide anything worth having - school is money, knowledge is power, life is a lesson, if you are ignorant you are unfortunate - despite how big social welfare programs get, wealth requires a good salary, owning your home, and saving as much as you can - leftists , public unions, and those good enough for government work know this, they merely are superfluously/profligately/licentiously/arrogantly addicted to gambling and taxing and spending - entitlements cannot elevate the poor to prosperity, they can merely keep people from certain death, and even then... - in 1965 the poverty rate was 14%, after untold trillions have been spent fighting poverty the rate is 14.3% - America is bankrupting itself with entitlement that is merely philosophy -

we are supposed to carry our wounded, not callously justify ignoring problems with money spent while daydreaming of elitist utopias - know when to quit - be crazy, not stupid - liberals don't teach, they party -

if a bonsai tree grows it must be trimmed, it does so precariously, not enough water and it dries, too much water and it dies - bonsai trees grow painfully slow, it takes much patience to watch them grow, no more than some, no less than enough, if you wish to form its growth into a specific pattern you can trim its development until the desired result is displayed, if you cut it too much than it will die, enough light must reach the leaves of the plant, in the correct climate, in order for it to grow - if you take more than it can provide and remain alive, obviously it will die - this is a metaphor of government, the taxers are the horticulturalists, and the plant is the economy - taking the branches is taxation, taking taxes is taking the ability for the economy to grow - relinquishing taxes is allowing the plant to grow - patience is a requirement of freedom to natural elements, consideration is required for new life - as of late, the democrats are notorious for raising taxes, for an immediate reaction that results in damage and disaster - those that worship politicians (or those that worship D in this aspect) only see motion - awhile the Democrats have done nothing positive for society - as perilous debt incurred swallows feasible options, soon no amount of budgeting will solve the burdens of Tax and Spend, or the woes of deficit spending - letting the economy grow allows governance at a later time, should the taxers understand this simple concept or have patience just once in their impetuous lives, they would realize the errors of their faulty actions -

the actions that diminish growth are making the capitalist world sickly small - this is why i call opponents to capitalism communists - a label really - but they know that not using the dreadful names for things that the simplest of life detests allows them further subterfuge, perhaps they have sworn to a life of anarchy long ago, there is the possibility in this vast ocean that they have turn to predator with tricks of silence, eager to destroy the world as we know it true - this is forever if ever an opportunity, to make money worth, to make charity possible, in an ancient order of freedom supported by the every willing soul and purported by the able, to make morals an ethical establishment once again, removing the ideals of radicals and reactionaries in the history books with other revolutionaries, so that our senescent country can remain a home to the chosen freedom fighters and not the desperate pontiffs and placating servants of disregard that now plague the innocent -

meaningful change, successful reform, balance budget - without it a single shadow cast will make a house of ill repute - open discussion allows growth as a unit in times of peace while true soldiers fight righteous wars of freedom around the world against foes many and more between each venture - irony unveiled - the liberals without solutions defame others, so that they, themselves, may feel better about doing nothing - the time to act is now, inaction is an example of volition, as ambivalence leaves all without anything -

"Come senators, congressmen please heed the call, don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall. For he that gets hurt, will be he who has stalled, there's a battle outside, and it is ragin'. It'll soon shake your windows, and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin'."
Bob Dylan - 1964

vague ideas of "hope" and "make a difference" in what was not named brought the battle with liars to a head - reduce the government that provides nothing - if the private sector loses jobs faster then the public sector than something is wrong - if people lose their jobs more and more often than government employees, the system is broken - the insults, assaults and punishment to the people of a democratic society is unwarranted - if effortless evil awakens an enemy, what will the hands of the world do to you - a world of liberty will carry the torch of freedom every day it meets the communists, disarmed with deceit we were felled by lies, our pain concatenate as our allies are then deceived, but we are not defeated and we watch your hatred pollute your soul and corrupt your actions, as your endeavors become simple we will wait, as your aspirations become inept we will forever wait, until you are gone - live in your dreams with a cult of intellectually apathetic, the despotism absolutely denies life, mark you incapability with the casualties of war, the souls returning to crush your heart and feed on your blackened soul, controlled, blind, and pacified - do you understand, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nothing is immortal, and time hast things indestructible, our freedom was achieved with blood, sweat, and tears, in battles won and lost before the threat exists, in our minds - do you understand your actions enough to tell others where you began, or where you're going, what you have made, what existed, what lies ahead - existing in relation to each other, a dynamic system exists where change will come to ebb and flow over time, until no growth or division -

do to others, as you wish to be treated, this is how it is easy to spot the promises and lies of untrustworthy politicians who want something for nothing, never desiring their constituency to be with them, but quaintly asking reluctant voters to do something for them - chess players know, you cannot castle out-of check - we are America, inspiring the world with what can be achieved by free peoples -

objective individuals have attempted to balance our policy, but the administration has broken the parameters of compromise and made demands and ultimatums, exploiting bipartisan commissions to take credit - without responsibility or onus - for the work of others that are making great strides in their attempt to correct the fiscal policy of our country - the fringe supporters are anarchic, the moderates are bolstering support - complete deficit reduction, possibly in measured portions - profligacy cuts, austerity measures - remove tax loopholes, review alternative minimum tax stipulations - raise debt ceiling 50%, lower taxes 50% - focus on growth, not on lies - 1% of U.S. growth creates $2.5T in 10 years - instead those desperate for power (which are worst people to have it) from the WH and beyond are trying to use intimidation and other fear tactics to manipulate the rating agencies to accept/allow the inadequate plans of fiscal misconception - a conservative plan being written by a socialist from LVNV - albeit to hide behind their political posturing and slander of existing progressing solutions - don't put all of your eggs in one basket - raise it a little now, and you might not need to later, the issue is easily resolved later and a debate can bring attention to any further pertinent needs for restructuring, reform, and repair - the higher the ceiling, the more kids want to play indoors -

the first year of the federal income tax in the U.S. was 1930, the first open display of the communist party was only two years earlier in 1928, within four years, four workers parties had arisen to defend the welfare state that had not even begun its dismal process of ineffectiveness - i recently read that there was much ado with a democratic-republican party for some time, and the republican party (GOP) at formation was a member of the international democratic union, yet the democratic party was beholden to itself with its only alliance to international democracy wasn't until 2005 - more interesting is that political parties in this country only survive if they have simple names - if GDP were healthy, and it surely isn't, we know that it does not necessarily reflect job growth, things like automation and CPI allow corporations with access to international markets to have growth, while the 80% of businesses being small and start-up suffer diminutive taxes - the u.s. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, i know we have a strong bond market with shitty yields that Americans cant or wont buy, so the over-spenders don't worry about the country's credit rating, but the free market has accepted this with an understanding that the democrats lie, cheat, and steal - without a plan the R was blocked, by the D until they could create their own idea stolen from others, as if to say that approval of success is unacceptable, and that the D would only steal defeat from the jaws of victory - the plan they submitted would not make the cuts needed to proceed successfully, as if making cuts would lose them a reelection, if you hate tax cuts stand and deliver a better option - as the D moves to save the Welfare State and redistribution to save the middle class, yet it must be noted for all the obsequious taking from the rich and giving to the poor, all the 'socialist' stimulus that they so adore, that America's middle class is a bit fat - war on the middle class my ass -

when @BarackObama spams "The time for putting party first is over," he's only tweeting people that follow him, so that they put party first - and when he says taxes are the lowest they have been in fifty years, it's the low count of average tax rates, anyone over the progressive tax rate line $250K (small businesses and corporations, both job providers) paid 89% in 1960 - even Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' cut taxes 20% and saw 10% growth the first year alone - prior, the New Deal of the second great depression, near the end of WW2, did not raise taxes in recession, in fact they were lowered - there are workers and there are groups that exploit services - the public works programs of the past were just that, those of the present are redistribution of wealth - and yet the communists cling to power, as if true democrats, red-blooded republicans, freedom-loving libertarians, and all good people are going to suddenly disappear - even a con artist wants the system to survive - alas, indictments and impeachments are due to those without contrite -

its obvious that the left is a two headed snake - the first end steals and promotes communism, the second attacks the victim in attempt to please the first - the destructive power of deception, first mentioned with rhetorical question, 'is this the beginning of division for the tea party and the republicans' as soon as the democrats had their asses handed to them in the 2010 elections - in this case the left has no problem with showing their true colors, but the right has a problem with forgetting transgressions and mistaking sincerity for honesty - a liberal steals, and the three headed liberal media defends - the conservatives will survive in defense of our good name - and if the country defaults, there will be hardship, and the democrats will still slander everything else with all their breath, but they will have no more free money, they will be without the entitlement programs that keep them elected, the country might be without the welfare state -

there will always be a cornucopia of political schools - in turkey vast amounts of military have been replaced by Islamist militants who have established a theocracy which does not support freedom of religion, in the name of conservatism and what is ironically called Republican Monarchy, just as Syria, Iran, and Lebanon - liberals/socialists deny problems and create new ones, replacing law with persecution, bringing their system down and taking all the others with them, all in the name of Democracy and the people, not survival and the future, just as the Nazis (fascists) or the old Soviets (communists) - extremists have no plans, rebukes of delusion, no refutation -

those who wanted to tax all these years to save entitlement programs and those who receive them are creating a danger by not prioritizing government spending - there is already a congressional budget act to which the democrats are refusing to comply - the political arguments of philistine liberals who reject the fact that spending must be cut to control the growing debt - the liberal catastrophe would have liberals granted control on spending as it sets once again a bloated disaster that cannot be funded - bringing us closer to a communist revolution, sedition filled with control - would have this run around last two more years without a budget, having already gone two - they provide excuses for not providing budgets, violating the congressional budget act for the third straight year with plans for an additional two, "this is an abrogation of the responsibilities of the Senate" - the Senate Budget Committee is at odds with the licentious Finance Committee and Appropriations Committee - this problem with spending has been long lasting, when the demands of the people were not met, the T.E.A. party candidates and conservative republicans took house majority, in 2012 i sincerely hope that it happens again to the existing liberal seats - less talk, more balanced budget amendment action - the debt we have pulls down economic growth, had the senate adopted a budget in a timely manner, as did the house year after year, we would not be in dire crisis, orchestrated for maximal leverage for career politicians, who slate themselves against solutions and slander all, who wish to not vote in public forum against ideas and alternatives, to protect the partisan-elitism of the democrat party who avoid the very primary responsibility of elected officials, before the world, with renowned votes, and accountability to the electorate -

a democratic response is made by those in representation of democracy, not to say that democrats are not democratic, its merely accurate to imply that the comments of democrats are more partisan than democratic - debate is open democracy - undefined provisions weighing thousands of pages in legislation that do little more than collapse systems and support corruption - i used to think that was the fault of corporation, but it actually the fault of those who have been compromised by greed and love to accuse people -

if the house passed two bills that solve the problem, in the past week, why would i wait for the democrat bill - if the man who wrote the nauseating healthcare bill is writing the budget bill, why should i wait for the democrats - if this problem has persisted for 100 years, why should i not file with the tea party freshmen - if the dude writing the budget bill is from Las Vegas, why should i file for the democrats - yet for sake of pride the D oppose every solution landed - and now we wait for those willing to forsake citizen's rights - a slap in the face of social justice, from the hand of social justice - democrats have choices to stop a default in this moment - the house has passed two plans, with two substitute alternatives, that would increase the debt limit, needed while deficit spending persists, and effecting deficit reduction - the plans developed were done so with bipartisan and ranking support, yet the ranking support has moved for opposition to claim full responsibility for the demands of the people, ignored until hours before default -

without support, without solution, pushing a deviant corporate sponsored legislation that has no chance of passing the house, and where is the supposed president's supposed plan - the white house of ill repute - with a year of debate, only the democrats obstruct our progress in support of default - the retentive left always repeals budget control acts, no one knows why - search for reports on the budget control acts in the us - the republicans pass a bill, D say they support it, then opt to provide a stolen plan to solve a problem they created, and then posture as if national heroes - opting out-of a plan they helped develop - all to raise the debt ceiling, but making no cuts - "We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today." - the life they know is seditious and deceitful, totalitarian, communist, etc - the senate plan isn't tangible, it includes cuts included elsewhere, and penalties in place of blatant tax - D-Nev. senate plan still lacks the 60 votes to bypass a filibuster on the floor of the senate, when the people learn what they are attempting, the D will be put farther from their task - every election in democracy, is one that ends communism - the despots do not respect the slaves they desire, the worshipers do not know what honor is as result - do they care for you, or do they promise you things, as you do all the work - even if apt, they are useless as radicals -