28 August 2011

Humble Brag

I'm going to eat humble pie, as I admit your errors and wait for you to apologize. With a flash in the pan, whichever type they are called, certain politicians are promising at the start but then disappointing. The better of two evils to sword of Damocles, now because of incompetent communist controls our freedom is sacrificed leaving us indefensible from any imminent danger. The dangers were merely hiding on Skid Row waiting to kill the sleeping giant, we have become under duress of a failed politic the David that must end Goliath found in the disreputable part of town inhabited by derelicts and charlatans. There's only one place to find crocodile tears, would we feign victory with insincere tears, for the lowly predators cannot hasten the instinct of predation. There are those among us who are bad and those who are idiots, some of them are both, they have put a wet blanket on our natural growth, so that the curious may grow freely we must be the one who spoils the fun of anarchists. There is not one amongst who should be taken to throw down the gauntlet, resistance builds strength, to challenge someone is only the first question if any other, discordant revolution comes to despots who ask questions of the needy. This Socratic irony delivers Hobson's choice, nature dies if it to have no choice at all. Those who have stock in trade will not trust thieves, the goods, tools, and other requisites of prosperity cannot be lost to those who need loans to keep promises. Thieves want to pass the buck so it is important to never pay someone to evade responsibility. The naive will buy a pig in a poke, after letting-in swindlers with a handshake and a smile, only to suffer a poor purchase and a blind item in a specious pretense. With conservative intentions as they try to pour oil on troubled waters, a predator waits for opportunity with patience for the moment, in order to make peaces and calm people they must be alive and not savaged. It is time to carry the day, before denial moves to win the approval of the majority. When solutions choose to go up-in smoke, it is due to problematic persons choosing to come to no practical result. Nature always wins because it cannot suffer the first of any Pyrrhic victory, unfortunate and ill fated a battle with no war is too costly a victory. To beard the lion in his den, where the darkness is without light, a claimant moves to visit and oppose a person on their grounds. They will speak of a place where they are feeling no pain, but drunk with power they will not show you suffering. If you choose to rule the roost your mind must choose to be in charge, but logic must choose to be master. As the allies of heroes become strung out and need to be taken down a peg, remember that there is nowhere to take the conceit of a braggart and certainly nowhere to hide it.