06 December 2008

A New World . article 6

Kings and Queens

To protect and survive one must realize the worthless heart of leadership. In plain sight, the empirical news provides political rhetoric and propaganda, global threats, resource depletion and crime, but still acts morally superior as well as biased while defining the types of existence, not just in government but also in the heroes of the day, which are lies of the real threats of our society. Our current structure is one that of consumption, while our post-modernism, and other traditional societies are designed around preservation. Commonwealth will view the highest goal of any principled or civic order is empowering them by way of a gain in wealth.

Consumerism makes up the majority of governments worldwide. It reflects in our idea of power as a poor example of government. In order to do this, it must encourage economic competition so that each individual can achieve success, the civilizations that supports success are those whose Art, Literature and Theatre speak endlessly of values higher than money, such as love. Because they design their philosophy on a consumer’s interest, and whether communists or capitalists lay waste to their need for money, they form an immortal conflict, which imposes greed.


Community forms the demise of its culture when it is inherited from it the basic assumptions and values of a consumer society. By the very nature of these assumptions, all societies can only understand other consumer societies and not preservationist societies, of which ecological harmony and ecological order are included. Industrialism enacts no high values and vanity, placating to the individual wants to do without judgment or opposition with multiple exceptions for those with dementia.

Humanity operates in an exact reverse of consumerism. Goals are created to preserve society, culture and nature together. What is needed for survival is produced sometimes in surplus all in order to endure. This assumption outweighs the desires of the lower olden and archaic. Preservationist societies are by their very nature more likely to deny ludicrous desires and illogical actions. In these castes and their respective sects, government havens the population and its lands, in both of their best interests, and when it satisfies both will act in a superior form. Allow yourself no need to remake your surroundings. These plagues upon nature are menial and filled with evil, which grieves an effort to save nature and values only, that which empowers their mission, at the cost of consuming nature.

Ethereal Growth

Having no limits animals can not control how much they expand, or how much of any natural resource is used up. The only limiting factors are those averse to honesty and responsibility. Societies among the new ecological order will view nature as a perfect state and seek to promote their population only where it exists in ecological harmony, both among nature as well as in life.

A successful society has no knowledge of monetary value, and by creating a value higher than that of money and personal desire, when discussed makes thieves feel uneasy, because there are absolute answers, instead of the more ambiguous approval of personal and public desires to devour made by their consumerist societies. For this reason, activists and elite must nullify the destructive onslaughts made against nature.

Eco--Activism & Divination

Preserve external nature from ever-increasing human populations and viral desires. Regulate weakness among nature from the frailty of a few who would breed badly and thus slowly pollute and change the whole population.

Preservation is an idea not a policy but should be. Desire satisfies many needs that determine overall happiness. Emotional values lower integrity when capitalism cannot buy happiness, although you can buy the means to and end. Those means are simple and cheap but by greed and envy are never satisfactory, with the exception being those who have none in all cases.

Our species overpopulates and the surrounding land becomes overused. We cause menace to the habitats of many plants and animals causing a destructive echo to enter the web of natural ecosystems that sustain all life. No species lives independent. They like all life are structured symbiotic and supplemental, in that we cannot survive if we kill these off. Without critical change, we are on a course for doing exactly that. Deny people some of their desires, and show them what prosperity means. Reeducate from the destruction by show of the rules structure and innovation. Lead by example. When one is shown this thought process, the magical hold that greed has on people is broken.

Use your time to promise commitment to the cause in which you believe and to show mercy for misgivings. This issue should be part of any intelligent political platform, but beware of political platforms where only one issue, controls attention. We have to look at our world through new eyes and see that it is a good place and that nature is in fact wiser than we are, and that we should respect all things.


We should work in harmony with nature and community to end trivial wastes. Preserve and do not consume. Recognize that what maintains life is an eternal and living struggle. The convert begins to see life as an organic whole, instead of a disorganized group of desires. Without your organization, many will have no structure unifying them. Without design and organization humanity breaks down, it disturbs cooperation, and becomes viral.

Like war, consumerism is no longer sufficient. We turn toward sustainability and Socialism, the strength of society, the longest standing expression of that idea. Preservation actions will vary as we become vastly outnumbered. There are more damaged people than there are intelligent ones. Activism may send signals to your enemies but you are under the might of foreign industry and its many millions of expendable warriors. When teaching prosperity of energy and sustenance, be very certain and cautious that you take stand against the face of industry that has countless passive supporters who may prove dependent on what that industry provides.

They are starting to see that lawfulness is the reality we need and want inclusion to our empire. Every day, more people turn to community for this reason. Moreover, in that change we see the first steps toward healing ourselves as well as nature. They will go blind to consumerism, and cannot see the efficiency ideal as being vital, because it is not something their society allows.

As our societies fall apart, we work harder for less to achieve a decent life. If this exodus continues than our discontent and compromised ethics will only cause more people recognize that being viral is as anything promised in a dream in that it does not have much to do with reality. The animosity will remain to grow.