31 October 2016



As a professional original creation with a total time of all existence as forerunner, I am interested in providing new employment opportunities. For the task you will be relocated to a save region across an entire dimension as indicated by contracts you signed.

Current economic competitive pressures place constraints on movement, chaos professionals with diverse backgrounds can provide great value. The mission is to oversee varying projects including fortresses of doom, and global dictatorship networks with legion in assault and cleanup capacities. The integrity of managing and motivating the ranks, cannot be only my job, and budgeting is of no concern as long as you steal from the wrong people.

I have known that my skills and experience meet my needs and I trust you to make your own clients, your response is appreciated, but not necessary because I own your souls. I can also be reached on a throne of skulls in the ninth ring of hell.

This is to officially inform you that we have reviewed your contract and learned that your demands cannot be met due to your lack of cooperation and unmet obligations due to your unmet agony, also that you cannot bargain with your captors, not only does it not work, but they're not trying to punish you because you are in hell and everything is a wonderful, if not tortuous albeit required, delusion. You will have to deal with the devil if you are to be released. 

After the council of the legion where I have been, there is another solution to your problem. 

This message finds you because there are worse creatures to be punished than you, you were chosen to work with the living, which giving you a second chance keeps you above ground and greater evils imprisoned on your behalf. A quarter of tenfold has been served, and in that time we have taken all involved who trafficked beyond your control to our shared interests should you become legion. All you know is gone of powers that once did not exist. 

Since you were suggested, we have arranged your release thru our protection. Provide and deliver information so that you can inform hell. The stronger hell becomes, the more it becomes your only source of power.  

Arrangement of communications channels will be burnt into your memory after contract renegotiation and will be accessible at any time, literally past present or future. This legion tradition is part of an instruction mandate practiced by time immemorial of commitment and control. You will provide services that benefit the chosen and win favor when dangerous limits are reached.

Do not worry about the elections, vote your conscience, whoever wins does not change our mission. Tell no one. 

If you desire to be legion, please sign in blood for our email updates.

"An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise." ~ Victor Hugo