30 October 2016

Amnesia et Plaga

i am the cracks in the floor
one is attacked by mirrors and doors
hath dim reflections of moonlight
by the breaking of the dawn 
bright darkness poisoning the minds
a bed of fangs by ocean of blood
an enflamed bird above the water waves
winds of darkness from memory of sunlight
where damnation has been chilling
withering waves and detritus heroes
a beast of vines and hatred
dark forest thriving in pure night
chasms screaming for escaped monsters
all by the grace of pagan gods unchained
as a snake in the sky 
as a wolf in a manger
i catch the many falling stars as able
the fires of infernal knowledge blessings
gifts of the main 
mandates of the ghost
vanities of the livid vandals
were i blind could i have seen more
were i dead could i have lived more
that upon many whom will have had to have
there would only be
before the darkness, 
and that which came after it