01 October 2016

veneno magicis aenigmate

'Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.' Arthur C. Clarke — 

Any good potion has a few vital ingredients and some essential elements, there are many purposes and their derivative supplicants, that is to say, there is a demand for some of the better ones and occassionally the worse ones, insomuch a second teir of okayish temporary fixes that are wanted openly as a response, for as long as treatment follows prevention, the cure is the illness, but enough political philosophy. 

I'm sure you know the basic potion types, as games as life, anything is possible, as life as games, some have their setbacks. I like alchemy so without goal i might trade with characters here and then... now and there.... so there's a learning curve, always consult your doctor before taking anything that isn't food.

You aren't what you drink. 

Energy for the body is a simple task, in places like hell or the clouds of dark matter of deepest space, energy comes from frozen covalent bonds of purefied matter, crystaline structures, in the middle world, a person is more likely to know simple quick energies and long energies found in foods. What the demon sold me, "it's for energy and strength" and it's not, but that just reinforces my belief that demons shouldn't be trusted. 

[possibility: Energy/Stamina/Health/Speed]

There's an array of vitamins b, c, and n, energy, light, and heat, respectively, so clearly a potion for snow, plus caffeine, but it also has aminos extracted from carnal sources, so it quickly activates hunting in both senses of the word, how well that can be controlled depends on the user. Activiating metabolism body fuel is utilized quickly, but in doing so requires more sleep and better food. I did lift with super efficiency tho. 

[possibility: Stamina]

Higher bodyheat, activity, metabolism, i began to melt bodyfat i was saving for winter. My eventually began to hurt and I couldn't overhear anyone, probably should've had only one. That kind of wear and tear is a warmth.

[possibility: Stamina, Fire]

Exercise in a bottle, the kind that could turn your hair grey if you have those genetics. I then proceeded to get a sun tan b/c I couldn't tell if I was hot or cold. I tried to exercise, not easily, to a next morning being stiff. 

[possibility: Stamina / Fire / Sap ]

Eventually I realized that it's an energy drink, not a recovery drink. With the increase of metabolism came an increase internal as the digestive acid i have for my iron stomach also joined the race, i quickly had to avoid meals without heavy fibers, raw vegetables and seeds became my new favorite. Maybe to much scales of reptiles, if i only had tonsils in my teeth for halloween. Anything acidic was out.

[possibility: Stamina / Fire / Venom, Sap ]

I also found out that after 9 of them you get tired at a sensory level and are down until a rest cycle or recovery by a comrade. I woke up craving bacon, salmon, and oats. As above, i think it's potion not a true elixer. I would first ignore it, and if not, second dillute it severely, and third add elixer to it. I'm still verping, and in actuality it was satisfying in the sense of stretching one second over 2 less pleasant days.

One of oranges, one of lemons, one of apples, idk if any distinction is relegated. I combined them at one point so who can say if theere was a trade-off for speed or focus. 

Species: (Null Value)
Mobility: Stamina
Element: Fire
Negative: Venom / Sap / (if Sap x 9 then Sleep)
Compliments: Mint, Oil, Seeds, Bacteria 
Designed for: Assault 

It made me normal and in doing so made me different again. I'm not sure if trading compulsive for impulsive is possible. Physically exhausted I didn't have the right fuel ready and not for nothing wasn't ready to feel different on a physical level totally separate from my emotional well-being, but that might say more about me than else.