11 January 2009

Merlin. 2

- Much to the young mans surprise, Merlin asked him if he was ready to depart. The young man picked up their supplies and they continued on their way. Many hours later, not long before sundown, they came across a man at the end of a rope.and Merlin said:
"he was hanged and yet was..........and woes of his son. It’s cold"
to which the young man replied, "and I wait for someone to shelter me and take me from here."

- The well dressed wizard, who had already taken seat agrees with a polite "uh-huh", as the younger man was placing his bags down and begins to look for fallen timber to make a camp fire. Merlin leans in and takes off his hat and blows over the well of his hat. A faint dust drifts from his breath that looks like warm breath on frozen glass that drifts to the fire and ignites the pile. The young apprentice after slight disbelief searches for stones to surround the fire.

- At that same time Merlin rose to his feet and turned around to the still hanging man. Spreading his arms to his sides and lifting his palms to the sky, he speaks a short soft spell which causes his eyes to begin to glow. The man in the noose disappears as does the tension on the rope and in its loop. Below and just beyond the tree a mound of earth appears as if he had dug the grave himself with a row of glass eggs and a tombstone with only a circle engraved on it. His eyes once again dim. He returns sat down and the young man confused reaches into his sack to write down what he had just seen.

- Merlin positions himself to a comfortable stretch alongside the fire. he waves his hand and lights the evening. The entire scene illuminates 2 times over, bathed with moonlight revealing possible threats into the distance.

- In the morning sound of hawks wakes the apprentice. As he rises he notices that Merlin was already awake and sitting upright. The morning hunger signals from the stomachs of both of them. The young man inquires with Merlin about breakfast.-"what will we have to eat for breakfast, wise spirit"

- Merlin looks down and ponders the thought, actually listening to the air. Together they hear the sound of hawks flying over. After slightly laughing Merlin looks up and raises his hand straight up into the sky. A bolt of electricity jumps from him which reaches onward up into the sky and strikes one of the hawks and it falls right onto the ground next to the fire. The impact throws ash on his new friend and lines the ground around and past Merlin leaving him clean as he already was.

- The insulted young man asks, "why could you not have sponsored a few mystical scrambled eggs?"
- To which he replied, "Beasts are here for man to eat. The birds are something else, but just as delicious." and began to giggle at the sight of the dusty young dude. After a meal of packed bread and swift hawk, they pack up and begin again on their trip. As they walk he is asked many questions which he cannot answer or can but tells great myths to save effort and seem entertaining. As they walk somewhat slowly to compensate for the luggage and Merlin's apparent age they see in the distance a farmer piling hay. As they approach they see a fat man, taller than Merlin with silver hair throwing fresh cut hay into a cart attached to a mule.