13 August 2016

Onus Imperitus

the stars made many noises keepign me awake and uncircumstantial, these by the way of trillions of exploding suns, across the night sky the light speaking to me from the many rays of sources of energy the cause and end of ascendent existence, and in this new wave the solar winds calmed me and I tried to sleep, with what is unknown, as my eyes sheild me better than intented, seeing what I believe, believing what I see, sitting and rembering all the times I'd slept, how my body rests on this rock of a planet, realizing my gravity i fell asleep and try to experience my memories sitting in daylight;

there is a new way to see the invisible, catching the imaginary and letting creatures evolve unexpectedly, conflict of great projections to toy with the emotions of the young, not a laff other than me, as i would chase magic and battle evil as a child, before the windows were opened, escaping to hide from monsters and report them to allies, many years ago, and now oft nigh on rare lest the ocassional demon or angel lofts about dangerously, for i began to let them apace as long as i can remember and naming them, and now I name you, and now there are still monsters of this world just as my dreams, laughing at themselves as only the innocent should, and some would call this game foolish and evil, are my dreams the things of evil and platitude, we shall see;

fighting to stay awayk at this point, the fear that gravity would hold me while the dragons approach kept me running, thoughtless, and now a fear that a perception holds any flaw is keeping embittered liberal creatures in this wasteland of callous skepticism and thunderous guesses to their giving of hasty platitudes, so much that they fight each other in this desert that slowly burdens the mind and sands of time, yet as they do they paint themselves inside out to collectively peck each others' eyes out, as i sit in the sun the colors of warmth from the sun on my face, on this planet, foretting which way gravity prefers, in the moments between moments as the rain has the right idea;