23 February 2009

south of hell

An essential function of the state is the protection of his citizens. To provide the patience or less persecuted disregard of right and law, the helplessness of the state compared with the organized crime and the inability of the persons responsible. For sure, means of transportation and schools free of power benefits from the minimization of narcotic offenses and proprietary offenses, murder and manslaughter. Lead bit by bit in a land of the lost, in which the citizen must be afraid because the state protects not enough.

Security, right and order are the foundations of every free and peaceful living together. To be able to fight better against crime and against power, the police needs a bigger scope of action, against bureaucratic hurdles.

An order maintained only, in reality, as their rules respected voluntarily and their observance if necessary forced. Hence, basis for an order is a consensus about behavioral norms and values. However, this is in a state of irreverence.

The increasing crime is the indicator for a disintegrating order and the restriction linked with it of the freedom and the security of individual freedom. Our land needs a national worth consensus to restore right and order. A higher value must be, put away again for the internal security. The ruling parties, for the sake of politics, should abuse justice no longer.

Life is no more able of consensus with migrants in the way, defined is an invasion. The utopia of the “multicultural society” generates a multi-criminal reality. Just foreigners offend in such disproportionate levels against the law and dominate in the crime statistics.

We demand harder punishments in all areas of criminality. The growth rate of crime and in particular, the foreign crime makes clear that solely a substantially harder legislation shows an actual protection for the citizen. Help to the victims of crime, must always have precedence before mostly fruitless "rehabilitation" of the culprits. This is why we demand nationalists for democracy support substantially higher punishments for felony offenses. In particular, for offenses like sexual murder, child murder, predatory murder and masses murder as well as in the heaviest cases of the drug trafficking we recommend the reintroduction of the capital punishment. Criminal foreigners immediately expelled from an honest land may never again get the possibility to return.