30 March 2017

Syndrome of the Arts

Were you reading ahead? 

Nono, you're not supposed to do that. I then told this later me what to do. I've only ever told myself what to do. It's bad business to know memories from the future, even if you know a thought doesn't mean you should always think it. 

If I were to tell you to be, and you've been, you can't make the past any different even if it were unanimous, because the past stays where it is. Even when the past change it was only by what came next, giving life to the future with action in the present. Knowing the memories of others is less common because memories when stored come from a literal future and a figurative past in that it is that most common action to grow our memories. I can't ask others because I already know and those sessions are prohibited to those without centuries to spare. I can only assume at the cost of trading memories for ghosts. Rain hits the ground, the water, the earth, components of sound, there are no components to memory. If it is not known then it never happened, rewriting the past causes violent storms and thunder, and the humans are just as bad. I never knew those who helped steal the memories that will now be. 

Many of them are the few.