03 December 2016


An atavistic or deterministic nature, by culture, creature, or creativity, but there is still ability to do today with what yesterday has given.

Regressive, a return to a previous position. In a sense of this word, it could be a leftist point of fact that is repeated, a single point of regression. In another sense of this word, it would seem, it could be a rightist point of view that is returned-to, a single characteristic of regression.

Transgressive, a dissociative position. In so much a libertarian as much as a law. A double sense of the word, in that a libertarian would require detachment from a law, just as much as a law would be unable to serve any purpose. An opinion that an expression of liberty is suitable insomuch that it cannot be imposed, and an observation that a law cannot provide liberty unless it is imposed everywhere it is not applicable. Renaissance, creativity with available resources recreating a perceived scenario or environment. A ruleset to be free of a government by creating a government, a government of rules to be free of rules. That which floats on the water transgresses the waves, and the water floats across the surface and holds much downward.

Progressive, a return to a new position. In escape, progress is made by distance, in return progress is made by goal, but not neither all escape nor all returns are progress. Aside from mistakes of decision, progress is marred by simultaneous definitions, of movement and success. It is an equivocation to combine the corollary, there are steps and there are measures. Mortality makes progress toward eternal truth, but during which one can progress toward error, or to success or failure at varying speeds, toward a fatal flaw or passed a success.

Aggressive, the obvious yet still to be such a struggle to describe enlightenment to the new world. Progress as a regression, regress as a progression, these things transgress around us and never us around these things. If the past consumes us a bitter taste follows, if the future consumes us let not today be full of bitter things.

Digressive, reverse manifestations, far fetched and dilettantish, a distancing view of something while subtly retreating, walking backwards and looking forward, disposing accounts of the origin including the distance, allowing the changing landscape to replace the origin, confusing movement for location. Visually, an linear equation that replaces a fixed point with a unidirectional ray with a variable that represents only one or the other without geometric nonlinear boundary conditions (as a nonlinear expression). You are living in reality's mental equivalent.