25 March 2009

a life without borders

  1. The union of all overlords into a greater nation
  2. Equality of rights for all people in their dealings with other nations, the removal of imperial war, and the restoration if international care on the basis of the right of national health.

  3. Land and territory to feed active securities and to settle surplus population.

  4. Only the civilians of a state may become citizens. civilians may live in among only as guests and must be subject to migrant law. Accordingly, no mad or sick may be allowed citizenship.

  5. The right to vote on the State government and legislation shall be enjoyed by citizens of the state alone.

    We therefore demand that all official appointments, of whatever kind, whether in the nation, in the states or in smaller localities, shall be held by none but citizens. We oppose the corrupting political appointments based on biased partisan considerations and special interests-without regard to character or abilities.

  6. We demand that the states primary duty is to provide a livelihood for its citizens. If it should prove impossible to do so, foreigners will be subject to martial law.

  7. All insubstantial immigration must be prevented and controlled. We demand that all incapable currently residing in the boundaries of the territory be excommunicated immediately or returned to their land of origin in prevention to marshal law.

  8. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties, regardless of class or station.

  9. It must be the first duty of every civilian to perform physical or mental work. The activities of the individual must not clash within the framework of the community and be for the common good.

  10. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.