13 March 2009


The form of humanity has evolved over thousands of years, flourishing without the modern day conveniences and amenities. The readily available foods we consumed and the terrain we endured fueled the performance of generations of vital, busy, active human beings.

The body disregards our own wants and needs for the betterment of our survival. As you begin any diet know that your body is designed to react certain and specific ways to every situation. The image of excellence is in your mind, the key to any change of you, is in your soul. The body does not choose to diet, internally the very last thing your body wants to do is diet.

In the aspect of the rudimentary life, we thrive without external affects living with the essential interest in food, shelter and attire. Our body is a temple of hope that instinctively believes that the last thing we have eaten is the last meal we will ever have. Our subliminal mental orders are for the passive habits that maintain the functions of the body. The order of life is abject to our external lives in an attempt to design an image of reality. To function, your body does a thousand things a day without you even thinking about it.

The lives we live intend for our survival, as the fuel we use is a logic not based on creation but of necessity. The lives we live are perfect, as we do not tell ourselves to breathe but to stop breathing and breath faster. We do not make ourselves pose, but order our senses to pose more pronouncedly. Our bodies are temples and we must keep only the most valuable supplies within them, not the toxins of this world. Moreover, we are not filters for the breathing world. Within equilibrium, we may promote our traits excelsior by rewarding our extrinsic desire, as the energy assumed is the energy consumed.

The soul needs fuel to survive the storm and provide memory to the mind and marrow. Your mind and body constantly consume you. If you forget to feed them, they will expel you from this plane in one form or another. As we survive the ages, we reserve nutrients and in all attempts, conserve as much as possible, in respects to that which aids our lives. Plan to see a pattern in all things equal or be forced to return to a life less ordinary.

As we survive, we often attempt to ration what is vital to our existence often neglecting what entails in a life less fortunate. The soul may try to slow down the process of conserving life, so it can expel a formulated attempt in its finality, as humility. For your body to survive, it must balance intake and expenditure.