11 March 2009

Plague of Empire

They study us to cure those who teach defense as a priority. The reality that they study is irreproducible albeit a harrowing hollow society. Too many to count will be rejected without appraisal. They cannot see without time to look. The politicians burden the tasks of the workers. Unethical is the man who will not work. The clergy begin to divide themselves as they choose sides with the politicians and poor. No decency shed, for our lunatics that have a particular addiction to a world at their fingertips. Emulating what they see, they fall into the rabbit hole. Some find vanity in desecration and death, while others move towards the universe as others move evermore farther.

The source reforms to see the Gemini given to two of a kind. The frays wanted them by way of courts but with no success. The house of cards is in revolt and the asylum gives all of the jokers the same day of birth, which ages them younger than the law though every clown is surely older. Their crimes dismissed as juvenile and left unto the custody of traitors these new guards should be from the gates they keep.

The flood grows the tree to bring a fleet in the end. Even patriots are losing to migrants and have run out of land. Unions of dregs follow the worthy wherever they move like chess queen in the open. Their children are the meals of cats with tools in the field to turn the ground it will not turn itself. A doctor, for in many ways the enemy mine, said aloud the physical diseases plaguing the mentally diseased, which procreate, caused by a cold shoulder. Feeling blackballed I suppose, it accused the others of whitewashing. They wash their skin until they are clean where none can wash their skin white annually, making blood love and voices strong.

The kingdom welcomes a sun soldier’s corps in the count of endless battalions. From the other side of their world they come taking their pay with them, overlooking their home for the task of guarding empty streets they have never known. The terrorist are doubling every year and no one cries as made are each to cry. The thriving countries are fighting wars for each of their borders and not a border between them each they have. In a sacred and promised north land, the brightest of the oldster cries for revolt against the forgiving city leaders that bring them. It has been this way for the time I have seen.

Criminal gangs commit the majority of the crime in many communities, as oppose to acts of desperation, according to law enforcement officials throughout the nation. Typical gang-related crimes include alien smuggling, armed robbery, assault, auto theft; drug trafficking, extortion, fraud, home invasions, identity theft, slavery, murder and weapons trafficking. Gang migration from urban communities to suburban and rural locations, which began more than the ages ago, is a significant and growing problem in most areas. Gangs are now fully entrenched in many communities across the nation.

The Ash has a financial roof that rests over the entire west. It trades slavery for survival. An informant relays this fact to a press and the southern and dark land contingency throws a temper and eventually slanders and suppresses. It starts this way endlessly again.

A patriot politician laws out objection to his empire having won a once great war. Anyone who denies their involvement as written in the annals gets incarceration. To deny a victory gets you a trip to the slaughterhouse with a hammer and a sickle. There are a number of countries in the post-collective empire that reject the war's results, as well as the false accusations of indecency.

The beast attack the majesty's war council for solar planning the fire needed. They choose the first of many to come and not the face of their opposition. The person in question was the envoy to the hate and fear. Next, they will choose the chancellor for the open chair. If the campaign by the beasts, friends of the dictators from hell, and their allies against their capitalism, it will have enormous repercussions. If the council falls under political and physical fire, it will signal that there is a weakness in common law. If they cannot vet the representative of the leader, then none will want such a sentence.

They buried him for his hate, and denying the existence of something of fiction. The jury pleaded for a minimum, and the magistrate sentenced him to double. The protester's allies labeled the person as one of the second wave of martyrs.

They came as helpless fools; they saw what they wanted they conquered their caretakers after they became benefactors of the state. This practice, though it must not be, has happened for three generations, executed by those who have left a land they tired of maintaining. They became traitors in a conflict with the land of their origin for the army of their new home; the network declared them as being native to the aggressor nation and has suggested a removal of their forces in their entirety.

They empire wont meet at a treaty gathering because the nation of beasts will be persecuted. Though its intentions are positive, the conference occurs in an outside yet just as conflicted nation of war and anarchy. I am sure the educated, moral, ethical, civilized and honest people of my home are the common people of lore. I wish not their minds be corrupt as they so constantly are.

The unnaturalness of open borders has given charity from the war chests of the empire to not the natives but the newest albeit unofficial member. They and only they attain rapture from anguish as the governing council deemed several patrons of patronage to ensure the financial benefits divert to not those who need them but to those who want them.

A more expansive and mostly colder empire than mine is filling with the depressed and sexually repressed children of the prophetical poet. prudential not judgmental and bias as I am literary more than not but these poet's children are well documented in hate, racism, paranoiac schizophrenia, intolerance, discrimination, fear, sexism, and dejected morals. This ally near the bearing is losing its tolerant population, tolerant of new citizens, tolerant of their aggressions. At the current rate of exploitation, the invaders will become the majority in 50 years.

A videographer likens a prime minister to a tyrant because the standpoint is to outlaw the aiding and abetting of vagabonds on their way to man's island. The man of scope claims that the invading migrants are innocent for being entitled to an island promised to its inhabitants. Something is keeping business from saving its workers in the well-sought land. In the time unseen, a peace officer may go his entire life without seeing an angel violence crime, and only hear rumors of immigrant directed aggression.