23 March 2009

The treasury dept fucks us running

The Treasury Department announced plans to buy up troubled assets that are clogging the financial markets. The Treasury Department will collaborate with private investors to purchase the bad assets, in the latest plan to spend taxpayers' dollars to stimulate the markets and repair the economy. Once again, the taxpayers will be doing the heavy lifting.

This is not blamable on the previous administration, as it happened on Obama’s watch.

How do I hate the black man, let me count the ways.

Racism, Racism, Racism, etc.

I heard our beloved president say that we can blame it all on him, and I do. Now it is your turn, but be careful, presidents have the tendency renege things and falsely arrest people for disturbing the peace, or inciting a riot when they actually had an opinion. So use the force, but do not join the dark side.

Obama is a terrorist

Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Palestine

and has not done one thing he campaigned.

I guess he is to busy doing what he promised he would not - I am referring to the expansion of government, the stupid stimulus logo, the rampant spending of taxpayer money.

and I blame all of you old, bald-face, bald, lying, four eyed, for non-blond, cheating, stealing, autocratic, heathen, kike, nigger, spiq, thieving, condemnable, libelous, traitorous, slanderous, plagiarist, treacherous, treasonous, obstacles on the way to evolution.

A man becomes president and calls himself a preacher. It has happened before. Either because he has the absolute power, or he’s just so inbred.

The mean black man, takes the money, the taxes, and throws the money in the air. Whatever lands on the ground is his.

He is paying back the people who contributed to his campaign. There is no justice involved. No checks and balances between our government and corporations who are buying the deeds to our children’s future (instead of the success of capitalism.)

Why tax employee bonuses, if you dislike the company's operations, just let the company go bankrupt.

Not many people like the wealthy. If you have ever had a summer job, in your youth, you know that your boss, the one with the money, made you bust your hump. They might not have known that it was global warming outside, 120 degrees(U.S. temperature), and august 31, 1330 hrs, in the middle of a drought where your job was selling your sweat for your dignity, but they did it to teach you a life lesson, to give you an experience worth remembering, to prepare you for the future.

The United States is not in place for a summer job, you literal idiotic socialists. There is nothing to learn from a life lesson that the next 10 generations must pay for. If your idea to turn the land of the free into the greedy land of the free labor was perfect, than why will it break the back of the American economic infrastructure by the time your children will want to retire?

On the other hand, did you want a slave caste of ignorant inbred nigger-yokels that cannot read, write or speak who talk with double negatives and use the phonetic pronunciation of product marketing names?

I believe that if I were to fisticuffs with Barack Hussein Obama I would stomp the monkey shit out of him.

Not for nothing, I plan to write a full report that undoubtedly the obsessed Obama fledglings will describe as compulsive and hateful biased crap.

I have white power
from the north tower
to the death flower
and fiends shall cower