25 July 2015

Roman Holiday

I travailed and forgot to journal it. This is the tallest building smaller than some flats. It was a bad idea to hit the gym before a 10hr trip, they put the air on and I was exhausted and am too tall for human seats without booze and meds, which is the only way I would even consider getting on a plane. Win some lose some. 

The Beast
I was travelling to see my niece and nephew, mis queriditos, and decided I would gym, southshore, from the bean to the tower by means of wayyy indirectly walking like a drunk mime robot without makeup and playing with my imaginary phone when I saw people texting/typing and walking, onto the Amtrak. I'm sure there's a video of it somewhere if you're connected to that world. Sad, busy, i love the city, people don't look at you in case you're a beggar on a mission from hell. I was, I digress. 


So you get to Memphis, what do you do... you go to a giant glass pyramid on the river. Google it, i'm not lying, really, it reminds of a 'hillbilly mecca' I didn't put the kids on the internet, their choice, and pops directly asked me to not. His picture is there if you want to internet him or something, you have fun you special interneters. So panoramas are nice, I thought of cutting him from it, but who cares. You know when you look at your parents, you can see yourself, instantly see the parts=similarities that you know from your own mirror in the mornings that, at least I do, you tend to obscure. I do not expect at all for any of you to see any. I leave a little room for suspicion of adoption, one person two generations ago had blond hair same as me, so I might secretly crosscheck if he's not cremated quick. If you're reading this, pops, I'm calling you pops, pops, because you hate it, and stop reading my shit. For real. 

Late June in Memphis is already hot, a 10+ storey glass pyramid magnifying the muggy hell of the delta and southerners' must felt like hot yoga in the breeze. One day, we shall know, why anyone thinks it's a good idea to live south of Indianapolis. Both parents, glasses, brĂ¼nish, sub-weak wave, it must be a #Scandinavian thing to default blond, recessive not placate. I don't hold any grudges against dad knowing him. I've a list of complaints, but who doesn't. 

Hi, everyone. I'm going to finish the Merlin sections, I mean chapters, so I can finish the chapter, I mean book, and get to the fourth. I just deleted a sentence, let's not start yuppie. I found that my Vimeos don't show me any statistics about embedded views, so if ere you'd not wanted or wondered, I'm not paying for premium yet and my YT is otherwise, suspended. Deal with that being another story. I hope I was, it would explain a lot. I got back to Chicago, downtown is nice in the morning, had nice prosciutto provolone sunnyside sammich at Davanti Enoteca because CB Gino's wasn't open yet, and I wanted to hit the second train. 

I went on vacation and had a good time, so I think I'm just going to be on vacation for awhile until something happens. Here's a rolling Chicago video.