20 June 2009

Socialist Hate Initiative Treatment

Socialist Hate Initiative Treatment
The New Attempt at Communist Hate Crimes Bills in the USA

about - HR1913 Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009

to consider this act is traitorous - to attempt to pass this bill is treason - to enact such limitations is unpatriotic and a violation of the first amendment - to accept such a bill would turn the united states from the last free country on the planet into any run of the mill communist country of your choice on the planet - oppressive power and control.

it would directly deny the freedom of speech on the basis of someone emotions not being simpatico with the personal agenda of anyone, yet would allow the government to use coercion and threats

this power grab stands as an evil attempt to make the lawful afraid by using actions which display intimidating oppression

it will be forever an emotional scar and irreversible trauma to anyone in their right mind, causing them to suffer great humiliation and guilt for letting such a condemnable action take place

it is tyrannical control by isolation controlling what the public enjoys, who they see and talk to, what we read, where we go, limiting our experiences, and using terror tactics to justify a political climate of power and control

the despots of our modern bureaucracy may minimize deny and blame, making light of the abuse at the victims expense, ignoring our countless pleas, saying its not the same or didn't happen as our cries for a descent leader go unanswered, and declaring the fault to belong to the innocent.

holding our children hostage by a vicarious event of evil, by that i mean outlawing what the unborn can or cant say if and when their option must only be peaceful protest against the hordes of criminals amongst our civilized world.

I for one am sick of ruling castes and/or government using political privilege without a knowledge of its affects on our futures, treating us like servants, making all the 'big' decisions, acting like gods, being the ones to define our roles. I also am very confused, this isn't China or Iran, is it?

In a political climate where the poloticians are preventing some from getting or sometimes keeping certain jobs, making us turn to the lenders, giving us allowances (stimulus checks), taking our money away (taxes), and censoring our speech, is just another way for beaurocracy, to not let the people know about or have access to freedom.