11 July 2011

Deep Space, Shallow Dreams

The Stars at Hand
Act 1, Scene 1
Deep Space, Shallow Dreams

I have fantastical dreams of the skies
Statistics show a life hazard of task
There but once a dream has settled on me
A synesthesia with sounds of rain
In time to slip the malice by the yore
Lamentation concern for the wise to sell
Fires bathing glory of the process
To which season pains my subtle dismay
Blistering emotions dying sunshine
Trees of light in rivers of dreams content
Where solitude becomes system solution
Gifts of solidarity consumes soul
In sight becomes the chance to fly through walls
Found in a storm lost in the alchemy
Then next to drift in seas of memory
Preying on fragments of eternity
Souls to break the treatise on horizon
In tragedy, the wings push a storm
From latter woes to lesser winds of change
The structure blinding holes in self-control
Binding traces finding missing problems
Silence lifted opens the tragic void
A flood combined with destructive current
Away from force the tepid river flows
Constellation maps the homes of the gods
Battle swiftly heaven storms the thunder
Surgery immortal sabotage death
Purity is waste the sooner kingdom
Solar stellar tidal wave origin
Contrived of stone the winter waters blow
To rake the depths of channel over trees
To be torn from a running hope complete
And thrown from death to incomplete the source
Tearing my soul to tell to hell so stark
To throw me through the ground into my grave
Protect and fight the same as those before
The lash in rhythmic score of rhyme and prose
Concern the lucid thoughts that some call home
Prepare lighted to path no never-mind
Thus, wager spoils to teem in lost return
Convincingly the grace that users flee
Taxes from the scale by heavy scorn
Illicit is the wake that sends you home
Prepared for all the lust and toil of roam
Fevered sick contagion in the nightmare
Partner isolation hypocrisy
Ethereal wrenching escaping soul
A manifest by destiny exhumes
Budding life complete illumines the net
Cast upon the darkened thoughts indurate
A curiosity not what it seems
The voice you hear my conscious in a dream