17 July 2011

Feet of Clay

the notion of castes and division comes from generalization, if a democrat says all republicans are for instance evil, instead of ousting the individuals that would evoke such a comment, then republicans are inclined to believe that democrats are angered and keen to generalizations - a citizen particularly wants protection, and thus is willing to make tax concessions, but i can't imagine anyone just deciding one day when they wake, that they'd rather throw some of their money in the river - i do wake and wonder if this world is real, or wish it wasn't later in the day, if you don't get that joke, i can't explain it to you, i can't even explain it to myself, i was hoping to distill my wisdom into marvelous lights and colors - if you add manufacturing facilities in right-to-work states, an offense has been made against the union bosses who sit high on the hog, not to the workers -

in the past few days, there are those within the country that is euro-zone who have attempted the first Euro tax, the equivalent to a federal tax. 13 is an unlucky number perhaps, 13 years ago the afore mentioned and officially called Euro-Area, was established to utilize and provide one currency for ease of commerce - and for those 13 years, no taxes outside of the state - can you imagine it, no federal income tax, it would mean state militias in coordination, militaries of entire countries in their case, but no battle of the bland, no arguments over budgets that end in mongering and rationing, these are wholly distractions created by career politicians - affluent with the money of others, is my new description for liberal, if you think i'm angry at a label, i'm just going to pick a new moniker for the saboteurs, my own worst enemy - an aristocracy of bureaucrats is fatally expensive - the sky is the limit for egos that are unobserved, (i can see my house from here) - an idea cannot be killed, a bad idea does a lot of killing - schools of thought obsessing over eccentric ideals if undeterred becomes a theology of indoctrination - fanaticism - i propose that taxes are esoteric and arcane, not unnecessary, those fanatical over taxes are insane, there is a logical solution -

narrow and corrupt solutions are affecting better judgement, improper outcomes are replacing logical possibilities causing many to bring tidings to communists and totalitarians, charlatans and dictators - we enter a new era for Earth, one where independence cannot subsist on addictive despotism and discord - i hate corruption - and when those obsessed with the new, begin their topical nuances to seem functionally literate, ignore life itself, drudging through intellectual concept only to find repression and diminutive suggestion - despite calls for tax cuts, not tax hiatus, taxers call for greed to be the rule, though all the while calling everyone in their way gluttons, i wasn't keen on attention until i heard calls for the well-to-do to suffer indigently, despite the accused being the wealthy working class who provide the last of the jobs in our borders, conveniently the Marxist spokespersons allotted themselves into this group despite the fact that the accused provide employment, and the accusers simply were flush and lavish with campaign contributions - i cannot bring myself to forgive corruption, this includes those who would fall to penury without winning battles of tax implementation - forsake them, the able bodies provide well and good, more than any political artist, unless you count insolence, impudence has taken the place of respect in their opinion and mine -

without digression, i shall continue, obviously you cannot invade my freedom, nor the metaphor for liberty which evades the simplest of minds - the money goes to often pointless subsidy, missing or vague recipients, rather than supporting population demands - without ending charity, there must be a way to end exploitation - a funneling to the lower class, this isn't racism you zealots, that in so many words is a different argument, this is the actual term used by the IRS, why must we bury ourselves and the less fortunate - shabby-chic, ghetto-fabulous, elite-poor - I'm drifting back into the healthcare debate, save the irresponsible despite doing so causes the cycle to close and collapse, all poor, all punished, all vulnerable, all still mortal - much to my woe, it is a permanent example of a welfare state - i do not wish a hatred for 'peasants' for misfortune is a situation, not a culture, i wish safeguards to safety, chaste for charity, dolor for donation, education for the supposed damned and measures taken to prevent the loss of civilization -

examine what riots have been caused by socialism and the sense of entitlement it provides, when a practiced and perfected welfare state can allow charity to have limits, riots and violent protests in dozens of countries including this one - entitlement programs will exceed funding capabilities, raising taxes is an option that lowers GDP, hard-to-handle, if half the country doesn't pay taxes, when they eventually do, there will be enough funding - federal subsidy to not produce, harms the productivity of every soul within this country, and some abroad, while allowing a price war affecting consumers and causes battles for this complacency standard - compulsory unionism in many states provides for complacency among union members whose job it is to watch for the affronts to employees, leaving employees to keep an eye on condition, often slowed by lack of fellow support in cases of intimidation by employers and abandonment by the union, without compulsory unions support is kept and earned while unions are still allowed in any form but mandate - those printing money always add the accoutrement of tax increases, because support or so called 'easing' comes from inflation and not reserve funds, inflation keeps interest rates low, but commodities' prices high - asset consumption by those who can print money is a blatant attempt at monarchy and monopoly in order to play war with juntas and militias -

lets use an actual example - many believe election with blind faith, worshiping democrats without just cause - ex-president Clinton(42nd) had 21 million jobs, as he increased taxes, but those jobs were not the result, his successor Bush(43rd) had 3 million jobs as he decreased taxes, a stymied result - Clinton's predecessor Reagan(40st), and others, decreased taxes mostly, and raised them for luxury items, this so called tax the rich initiative that Democrats seem to be unable to do without - by these tax cuts Clinton received the windfall that is a functioning economy, Bush(43rd) cutting of taxes was to reverse the negative effects of taxes, should tax hikes be beneficial, the economy would have grown to greater than 21 million jobs a year when Bush(40th) began allowing tax hikes to cross his desk (part and parcel to costs of the Gulf War -- because Saddam Hussein was a genocidal imperialist), but these are talking points that liberals use to hide and manipulate - could this mean that Bush's(43) spending holds the same logic as Obama's, did they both make it worse, did they make it better - 21 million jobs a year and tax hikes are two separate facts, both vague and oblivious to the larger circumstance, with no correlative substance - if you've heard a lie, you've heard a career politician -

there is no cause to placate and submit to the ideas of hysterical mass media, insomuch that in desperation we choose to subvert and use our taxes to make the thieves of society shored, this concerns not socialism, it is the qualm of modern society (how they use it) - the debate is not responsibility of the leaders, it is of the lack thereof by the recipients, an additional tax could mean the minority voice that is burdened will be further exhausted, as the system that supports the growing number of recipients collapses - jobs are created, they do not evolve from socialism, even if i change my opinion it just wont be true - should in the past taxes be higher than they are now, the populous that contributes is lower than ever - the bigger they are, the harder they fall, the wealthier the corporation, the larger the layoffs will come - and the small businesses are ashes in the wind of this sacred debate by experts in debauchery - a new slavery beginning in the same way as began the old, whether it be healthcare, taxes, or the government's debt, a few elitists promising the future of others unknown, this topic has turned liberal-libertarian, if you know not the error of your ways, behest of investigation is premature -

huge safety nets seem to break from the transfers of wealth that cannot be met - taxes represent an aspect of dictatorship, taxation without representation, bad ideas and worse ideas - manipulative malice influences entire sectors as the patriots are thrown to further duress - the constant rise of the dangerous debt limits, coupled with costs of government gives pain to those whom must watch the access of monopolized taxes by those who create a state of fear under false pretenses in a moment of alarmist facade - the rights of the people trampled by the sleepwalkers and daydreamers from flowing from the brainwash centers of communist liberalism - if you hear "thought crimes" or "high taxpayer tax", anarchy - or concern yourself with the ignorant approaching total impudence -

the liberal left lives in a house of glass, without mirrors, the liberal media attacks their opponents in an ironic fugue - despite the attacks, their leader is useless, this is fact perpetual - the right cuts taxes when times are tough, the left raises taxes whether times are good or bad - if not enough fat to cut, conditional debts are required, conditions of renewal - i hate how liberals claim that if you don't blame the leadership for errors that it is somehow proper and commendable to let the corrupt fix their errors once in the spotlight - rising tide lifts all boats, but taxes are evaporation (and a fascist who thinks they can make it rain better than nature) - a blanket tax for all above an income level that only a small portion of society reaches will plague the entirety as it does the industrious -

even golden shackles sink - taxes are necessary, but they are also the death throes of desperation - people who live their lives on 'welfare' should be considered employees of the state, and screened for drugs and criminal records - or the sacred cows should pay for their own butcher - some say everyone looks like a typical kleptomaniac, as it happens, everyone is - conservatives trying to steal a moment of sanity from the insane profligates, the process morass and confounding as liars try to represent your side as well as theirs in ethical debates, ever persistent, obvious, and mouthy twerps - political philistines, ready to extradite the citizens with a sharp tongue coated in fresh rhetoric - gits - national recklessness hasn't had such a gregariously timorous debate since annexation and border wars (or abolition of) prior to U.S. inception - i hope civil unrest doesn't occur, there has already been several liberal accounts of violence in support of closet communism as a result of loud lies - industrial segments attacking their agrarian counterparts, blue affronting a reluctant-vote majority red - liar, liar, and hellfire, sooner death to fate's denier - brinksmanship -

fat-so is America, but the rest of the world is flirting with their cousins, a neanderthal resurgence - elections don't make people fat, televisions and sandwiches do, they think heaven has come and they just waste - do you watch movies to escape, or because it's on your schedule - a media outlet correlated to food with a 't.v. diet' of so much here or there - who keeps the t.v.'s 'on' in government housing - society - and when evolution brings population to critical mass, where the cesspool equation is found in full circle, a virus must fight for the cell, objective pessimists and little space and "the rent is too damn high" and leadership is scarce even now, and logic so rare it is a unique discovery even in literature - pragmatism in political shades, wallowing in facts, but practical solutions missing, disaster always being solved with wrath and smite - renounce your commands, follow your orders - the issue gives way, to an era where the civilized can connect the national and social questions in new ways - the immigration policy that needs reform, or support, or reinforcements, or all of these things determines the minds of politicians and possibly changes the debate to security - thank #god hate crime laws hurt my feelings - not just America's neighbors, any, allies, axis, it's a required policy of principle - order - the court is where the judge sits, you just play there, oblivious to what you are, en-passant while the king castles -

can San Fransisco make ex convicts a protected class, banning discrimination for ex-cons seeking an apartment, ex-cons should be able to return to their natural right-wing Neocon lifestyle at their own pace, but what stops them from breaking into their friend's residence to go to jail for breaking and entering, only to live next door with this free-pass, leasing and renting sometimes requires good credit, if a token exclusion is made, someone who has worked hard for their life can be pushed to the back of the line by those who want to take a shortcut, often being that shortcuts and immorality made them convicts, conjecture yet precaution -

as rampant socialism trades foreign destitution like 'free-agents', in droves that horde dialectic socialist bastions, the debate covers protectionism and defends communism - systems filled with derelict youth often fail to raise walls of sheltering reality, would communist mandates of purchase/consumption be at all accurate in regulation -

IAGO to Othello (Excerpted from Othello, by William Shakespeare.)
"I do not know: friends all but now, even now,
In quarter, and in terms like bride and groom
Devesting them for bed; and then, but now--
As if some planet had unwitted men--
Swords out, and tilting one at other's breast,
In opposition bloody. I cannot speak
Any beginning to this peevish odds;
And would in action glorious I had lost
Those legs that brought me to a part of it!"

far into the great disillusionment - It was soon the dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell - the nationalists are soon alarmist, because communism is a hard blight to remove, it's best to nip it in the bud -

it is all about freedom - the federal reserve chairman (perhaps not the highest one) told the world that he would lend Americans their money, and later that gold was not money - i was riled to a livid state, i will borrow your money, i will print my money, or i will use my money, or you are excommunicated - if i cant pay for it now, i cant later, unless a course correction is made, offering myself more credit is a concession to inflation, and denial of error - those wanting to raise taxes without any service to the debt, simply want to centralize government, the argument is simply a distraction assisting the belief that communism is a fountain of life - communism is good for the ego, but not for a nation - fascists are ponce tarts - alternative currencies, leave liberal stowaways, without an option of survival in the capitalist system, once moral currency, commercial paper is used as credit to amass assets by the central bank itself, a power-grab, a bane, creating wage slavery - financial literacy does not lead to avarice -

aback, without falter the red want the blue to halt, without falter the dark red want the red to not lose to blue - cut, cap, balance - moulting into a labor party member i would object to nationalists and democrats - justice and mercy, liberal with everything but the treasury - need a good laugh, watch a libertarian get hold of a hardline socialist - i speak American (environmental), but i read in English (circumstantial), career politicians remark rhetoric of equality, yet forsake it with elitism, attacking the wealthy, inequality regards an unbalanced equation, not an imbalanced politician (plenty of those) - the American-liberal seems human because it is earth, but espouses communism because despite sharp cynicism democrats are the greedy capitalist - appalling how a belief can exist that a country can be run, without legs to stand -

champions of the environment have screamed for urban development, foregrounded idle things, varieties and niceties minimize the problems of the day, calling problems unique to discount salience - offering the misfortunes close quarters with the entirety of disreputable society, gathers destitution - hiding your mistakes with your neglected failures reverts society to archaic struggle - the facts and the wisdom are not assuaged by inadequate/inept and paralyzed socialists - aristocracy fugue has caused wars, but so has tea -

during the reign of socialists and 'democrats' the honored American dream of accomplishment and ascension was subjected to a ravaging 'public' housing program - they were giving homes as gratuity - alongside economic liberalization - the only thing worse than government bureaucracy when it's working, is when it's shut-down -

opposite republican, is the despot - opposite ethics, is communism - pompous society consuming postmodernism condones voter pandering for the cause of centralist power, the tyranny that is absolutism - an aristocratic autocracy rejects regulation of the welfare class, where the state is no longer purveyor of management, entrepreneurial or philanthropic - autocrats, progressives, liberals, whatever called what have you will, are desperate for power, creating a rise of the powerless - arguments are supported with facts, greed is supported by opinion - subsidized failure swiftly becomes privatization by central banks using the money of others, real-estate becomes expensive and high in liquidity, then the bubble bursts and property taxes are paid with stolen money either unaccounted or printed, in both cases causing inflation - rent skyrockets before and after this volatility-cycle disturbance - a dirigible economy, drifting on inflation and calculated tax-reduction, was fueled by pontificating political hot-air, effortless corruption of socialist political parties served faithfully the lobbyists and special interests while irresponsible, ignorantly or purposely, costs of both goods and services increased as the commoners watch and caused the plebeians into the poorhouse - special interests have become autonomous without an industry, money has become a market, leases bond-worthy, and the taxpayer the slave to an institution that resembles a virus - preceding instances of exacerbation called upon genocide, a revival awakens the wise survivors of the horrible years, it could happen again - there will be a solution to manipulation - profit is not a gallows to hang the rich or the poor, the moral force in judicial systems -

ensuing the loss of conservative pundits the socialist agenda remains problematic with the socialist constituencies - record voter turnouts, narrow wins, disappointed independents - though labeled 'liberal', speculators, regarding pet project earmarks, call the leadership 'progressive' or 'courageous' in the face of geopolitical conservancy, and call the sale of freewill to "the man" as some have said (or to the communists if you prefer) acceptable if not good for all - so the leftists assume measures of centralization and economic sterilization suitably denationalizes the country despite merely being a shift from bad to worse when all is said and done, the conservatives are livid, as they should be, and the republicans are not long to follow - two lies, plus two lies, equals five lies, as the left-liberals sell the employer class 'down the river' via entitlement programs to solve their self-inflicted debt crisis, a mortgage meltdown, and loan interest - pompous is better than liberal novice, if you're offended depart yourself -

after real estate sharks and the pied piper, conservatives are drooling at the sight of prey which is anyone hinting anything but capitalism - then monetary delegates and fiscal policy ministers/secretaries expound/explain the benefits of ambiguous monetary inflation, in direct contradiction to responsibility, conjecturing that it removes government regulation by limiting association to bad assets, but taxes and rents will rise, save losing ownership

how fascism, nationalism, and patriotism are the same, they would never exclude their logical and likely replacements - biased toward a successful legacy - whereas everyone is the same in lineage by comparison, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, even if most are idiots - czars are ukase, granted powerful edict to intervene, subsidiary in power and superseding the president in efficacy and power of the position that is commander in chief, the current president has more than 40, the power of the president on display as they puppet him, unelected by the people either an obvious sign and insult to the people by the lack of respect to elected office or a resentful ineptly lack of responsibility by the president, each of them goons of a secret jurisprudence as if gestapo - and also, the electoral college with its silent vow of respect for the people that it is somehow beholden to the wishes of the people yet there is not laws against it, once the electors of senators they now choose the president, the entire voting process essentially a waste of funds if the electoral college doesn't respect it - uninhibited public debate and freedom of speech slip from society when democracy is lost, soon rights are denied by those who haven't any -

diffusional ideas can be drawn in any freedom, whether it can be made or respected, controlled or released, libertarian or authoritarian, these people need a place to rest - artificial shortage, a relative disbelief, does not exist, or it is praised as true soon becoming a corrupt idea that creates shortage - exploitation increases costs, extradites the needy, and extricates the process that executes the taxpayer, demand for shelter rises as power is consolidated but isolated - the ignorant monopolists offer loaded opinions for reassurance -

new prices adjusted for growth and inflation are beyond the reach of many, federal assistance only serves to placate the ability to resist dependency on the, ever increasingly seeming as foreign, currency mint - laws introduced banning discrimination against low-lives, fills cities with easy votes and departing moralizers - with the decision outside of the free market, classless ownership removes freedom as an option - as wars create stockyards, communism creates forward bases lavish with pontiffs, and single room domiciles that resemble corals and corporate society - it creates artificial demand for demolition and construction, property speculation, and mass immigration - a box is affordable for a struggling artist patient and determined to work for a better life, only to find that the image of the world in the eyes of a socialist exists within a box -

individualism is the free dream of exceptionalism, it allows family and clans as oppose to automated servitude - decadent drones with ritual hedonism evolve to autonomous-cultures or collapse under immorality - should not sin collapse us all - imminent domain is not coordination - ghettos create politically indebted population (such as those that worship politicians) swiftly replaced wave after unstable wave by immigration, and birth defects of inbreeding, recessive genetics (Neanderthalism, such as is caused by ice age isolation) and oblivious delinquency causing vacancy by incarceration or traits inept for evolution causing vacancy by desolation - nature always wins - a schism greater than the force that creates it, a nexus of intrinsic destructive capacity, broken fact by cause of deprecation - an acerbic curriculum, an attrition reserve - coincidence provides the opportunity for superstition, prayers before slumber give cause to believe in the validity that is innate -

the smaller the zone, the greater is the gain, the smaller the detail, the greater the argument, the odder the arrangement, the, greater, is, the, destruction, and, corruption - does a real estate agent get you the best deal when you're selling your house, sometimes - agents sell to sellers, and steal from thieves, turning results into desired assets - luxury doesn't come easily because assessment relies on neighboring settlement and the annex capability of that incoming municipality - will there be companies, will their workers be paid well -

if a system is destroyed with imperialism, it critically needs immigration - noxious weeds - wild reed in horrible soils, willows in the best, these are invasive species growing and competing for the same water, but look entirely different - desperate plants, the willow with a broken limb can spread clonally - insatiable colonization the wild reed will grow underground beneath the roots of others - splitting the root doesn't deny its nature, cut a willow leave nothing behind, or pull every root of the narrow stealthy reed, ashes to ashes - human nature is a balance of both -

from the borders to the countryside, from there the city, society is a structure of parallels, absolved by the state, causing influx and battle over affordable housing - in some cases pretentious politicians give to voter pandering and fraud without indictment - price gouging occurring after scarcity shows dismalness - one freedom inspires another, even malfeasance - considering the 10th amendment, individual states should have the right to choose absolving mandates and the electoral college - as the bleeding hearts throw themselves on their own grenades, as the shakers ride with the movers, conservative-gentrification gains grounds, the thirsty will have a flood, the alarmists will see the sky fall - refinement measures without morals - not angst, adjustment, against detraction and culturalism (favoritism), secularism, and imperial cults -

corruption can no longer occupy - political vacuums can be filled with the breath of freedom - liberals are inexperienced and cause media fiascoes - conservatives hold truth sacred, so should you - liberty enrages violent communists, again responsibility, again democracy, again choice, you mustn't have feet of clay on Bastille Day -