30 October 2014

Devil's Night with Vermeer's Ghost

There are a few government elections arising, and there are still those voting for the idiots. Let us put some facts on you as you all round this next year with your heads up your asses. If you're a politician who is reading this after the election looking for answers, try starting a new hobby, like thinking or patriotism.

The left is a political group that demanded the wealthy pay for all healthcare, then proceeded to make anyone but them pay for it. So long as the career politicians keep speaking they keep saying nothing, and the people vote as they're told when the politicians bathe themselves in lies and let the public wallow in filth and grunt for their next meals, not-so-subtly pigs of slaughter. The true measure of a fool is not (in regards to) hate, but the possession of hate for rumor. A jury of our peers having become a judgement of foul wolves, but with worse grammar. It could be spite for great leaders, or it could be spite for stirring rumor, as sheep hate howling wolves as much as winds. It amazes me, knowing now, my deep opinions and shallow perspective, what has been of our supposed leaders, the world thru-out, how dark the interiors of the wicked silent entomb despite any palls cast. The saying was "give me liberty, or give me death," so many years ago, which has become 'give me death, or give me your death'

Remember, these are the same people who called it cheaper - and yes, there are those that need it - and regardless of who utilizes it, made sure more people do without making it cheaper, then have gone into campaign-mode, which if any of you forgot is all promise and no product. Yes, new people can now afford it, but none of that statement is reality. There will always be people, there is nothing for them to afford, and the solution and problem (of cost) remains, now more than ever.

If 'it' so well works, why is denigration and imprisonment its point of existence?

"The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be." - Lao Tsu