03 October 2014


Year: 2014 #AD
Cipher: American
Language: English

Me, I'm a conservative democrat, which isn't easy, it's somewhat like libertarians and doesn't really give me many options when elections come. The libertarians I see are all politicians who lost the last run or people from either party so desperate for their cause they call themselves one and keep talking, in utmost nonsense. It's defending democracy that doesn't exceed the rule of law, no matter how many people are making demands, and saving the future while living in the past. For more information visit changeling.org before Oct 31.

Before I continue, I'd be sore for luck if I didn't edit this into the post without mentioning taxes. I believe the saying goes, 'Give unto Caesar what is his,' NOT WHAT IS YOUR F* NEIGHBOR'S. What in the high and holy fuck is going on here?

So this article, 'Europe's Losing Battle For Recovery | Zero Hedge' is a little weird to me. It mentions that EU will enlist three overall policies to revitalize their economy, the third of them - monetary expansion / monetary policy - to buy asset backed securities, seems like the problem that has already cursed them. I first thought monetary expansion entailed inflation, which possibly does. The buying of poisoned yields aka making mistakes into public debts, does nicely allow an account-default to shift ownership to the credit issuers, but lets the sick entities continue operating in malfeasance (until so). I'm, in a way, glad the US doesn't print its own money, despite the dethroned politicians and the attention fiends that claim to've veins of libertarian. If you don't like consumerism, stop giving away money that isn't yours only so people can consume things. History lesson; the hippies became conservative, the socialists became politicians. Not only is there insanity to nurturing debt, the toxic managers who created the mess have in some cases become those demanding for debt forgiveness, as if to save their resumes from reflecting what they are, fork-tongued snakes. Using the words, are the people fleeing to your country, or from it, ask yourself. Let us switch from fauna to flora, let us enjoy the fruits of our labor, not the seething fear of predators.

Let me extend my disdain, not to schools, but the government thereof them, their existence as bastions of liberalism. Those that can't do, at least they show you what not to do. Our president, author of a book about the perils of hope, brought his many years of culminating both, to a college for a speech, imho maybe in some remorse for having huckstered for cash instead of help us, irony by fact he will not let us see his transcripts that we may determine his collegiate credibility. He likened the past few years' ability to survive, to his administration. No, fuck face, "...you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen."

If this government printed money, under his tendencies we could be a stunning prison state, like N Korea, o Cuba o Venez├╝ela, you know, where summary executions bring peace and socialized medicine creates medical shortages to the extent of initial views seem like journeys into medieval past. Neither of those things have ever been so close to the last free country as it is with him. I was very wrong about him, in the few weeks that I had given approval, anyways. The policies are of survival and done so by the corporations he so loves to hate, or when he loves them enough to give them money before they go bankrupt, slowly becoming what no one wants to be. Maybe you've seen the pictures, Detroit run by commies now is a disasterpiece once optioned by zombie themed parks in places and Hiroshima's ground zero is now a metropolis run by capitalists. Freedom means you're allowed to leave, the people in prison states can't leave, those affected by his policies can't opt out, the angered social programs and freak show diorama known as entitlement doesn't allow the poorest to escape even their social anchors in our own cities, and somehow he and his followers expect vile replacements to offer substitution. Giving any gambling addict a blank check will not stop them from feeding their addiction.

How sad that the left and right say that liberals are progressive. Progress requires progress, you bunch of rusting rotting wing-nuts. I'm often told that these plans mean austerity and also austerity is madness, which nobody mentioned, I import success by security audits kinda, that's all. Nothing compares to the violent austerity when societies collapse just because you couldn't get it up conservatively. Most problems spawn from other problems, start solving them.

"If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitable."  - John F. Kennedy