22 September 2014

From Deferential to Differential

Feeling thinner I bought something on the screen. September 9th I paid for it and soon learned it would be delivered from China of all places, it's promise delivery date was declared around 25 to 50 days. From the orient to Chicago is a distance somewhat 7,000 miles, give or take a rickshaw full of scrimshaws. I figured it'd be here via sea freighter and by necessity of filling a container with other shit. So we'll balance fuel vs destiny kinda sorta and summer-y.  Then, the comparison-rigorous, I get note that it had come to the land of hippies 17 Sept by all roads to Chicago, two weeks predestined and, well happy go lucky. Chicagoland is thereabout 100 miles from here as the car drives, from here, and so it will would be here the next day I assume. Nope. The origin shipping agency, got it here on time, and maybe the currency rate is ridiculously imbalanced and I just funded an urban improvement cycle for the price of a fashion hoodie, or they yet had enough profit to pay USPS to ship it to me. It was 8 bucks, 6 to ship, keep that in mind. So, the Chinese mega-bureaucracy that they are, have a nationalized post office, as we do Americans', but they "around do not fuck" I believe is the term. Ours, totally does, not by any one delinquent civil servant, but their concerted effort to drag taxpayers below the waves of ineptocracy. "How so?" totally I assume you ask. Well, 100 miles, an hour drive on a good day, had to wait, because two days later it was sorted in Chicago, then sent to the delivery depot in Indianapolis, 200 miles from me, or, to be more accurate, also 200 miles from Chicago in another direction. China flew it to me, and USPS routed it to me as if it were flying coach and changing planes because of a ticketing algorithm glitch. So the next time you hear someone say that the government programs are working, you punch them in the face, they all are exploited and deficient operating in the ten percentile, not just this one, I'm just writing because it happened.

We'll be right back.

I do like that the post office had at one point labeled the status of the item as "Acceptance," there's something profound about sending someone acceptance. It's safe to assume obviously the post office knows where the package is better than the national healthcare system operates. Maybe, scientists will learn to deliver health to people directly, perhaps invent a tracking and inventory system that services the general public, using a system of pipes to ship mushrooms that make people bigger, flowers that allow practitioners of alchemy to harness the power of fire from the air, these pipes inevitably will become overrun with miniature stegosauruses, flying turtles, living cacti, and all other everyday creatures, which will make using that fire almost a necessity. Italians will excel at this task, for we all know, Italians know when it's best to manifest and throw fire at creatures of the underworld and when to eat a feather and suddenly be able to goddamn fly away.

Holy shtako, they shipped it first-class international service for 6 measly dollars. I can't send a postcard USPS for 6 dollars, and they FLEW me a fucking SHIRT from CHINA! Either they're hurting, or they feel bad about charging the capitalists a larger fee despite talking shit all day when they're not attacking churches. Either way, tax payers just footed the bill for something they didn't get. Would you call it a "basic, human right" for me to get a shirt from Fuqtardia?

Comparatively, Congress did.

I have to do some star power of my own, maybe get to the rewrite process, push thru to the end of somethings, dragging hell behind me. There's a political post next and it needn't wait to be told, China's ruling political party so loves it's people that pollution is halfing lifespans in some cases, some cities. So that's and includes my word on yesterday's 'climate change' protests including anticapitalist mouthshitting and brain drivel. We can be happy that the climate changes every year in what is called seasons, and that so many of them were wearing coats, I don't have the time to write humor that wonderful. Thank you coat-wearing parrots, thank you very much. I'm hoping to do "chapter summaries" for the nav links that I'll post, how soon to tell, so to return the favor, writing for readers - - and that next the villain has to be 'colossally' wrong in "M3," followed by "Shadows," as so many are, and I thought then "Bloodlines" or 'blood magic' but that's a long bit from now.

There was a post I did referential to an asp, I figure such that so if I overdrive I can write once a day to bring the crazy with me as I go forth. In some analytic order a photo a workout and then write in cooldown. Like the early days, before you rewrote the timeline and the aliens took over. Side note, thank you, aliens, for stopping all the asteroids bigger than my planet before a biff; and that'll likely be next year, a post everyday with a picture, started maybe a week before so I can sketch 365.25 pictures. But the next one'll be socioeconomic instead of sociopolitical, boring, but also new. In the way of topic to punish the politicos, not solely in theme, I'm exited, I have a design for it, and all the other spells have worked. That, and to change my views I started learning emotions, which changes the writing schedule and style, which has turned this to hell it seems.

Hasta luego.