04 October 2014

Poem Hunter

Sleep with angels, live with kings, search for where the siren sings, turn the fire into glass, live the camp called underpass, listen closely rule afar, make the air become the tar, at the gates of exodus, burn the bones that turn to rust, earn your keep to stay the course, kill the messenger at source, flying dreams and afterlife, cut the silence with a knife, misery loves company, the time it takes to kill, before the dawn can see the light, the silence surely will, dance around the spring of life, and ever pass the storm, the devil's blood is cold as stares, and kindred spirit warm, at nest the life of kith and kin, the mirrors shatter fast, but if you look before the tide, then wake among the past, bury dreams put to the test, the night to day within the flash, the better are soon put to rest, minstrel roads and summer ash