07 August 2015

Zoner Cult

I am well with a couple of weeks. I had perhaps sought personal investment in a band of flying monkeys to tear the flesh from my communist oppressors, of myself and my compatriots, around the globe. My monetary delinquency floats atop the salted sea of liberal tears and blatant socialist delusion. I spoke of this ecumenically, emphatically, and empirically, to wit, by the grace of God go I, there is a sunrise for the drought and a sunset for the cannibals and zombies of those failures that are to be inevitable at odds. My liabilities are rising to the level that totals a single year's salary, and as much as it would that it were, there are 99 million others who have no apprenticeship, of any form, either. I have both prospect and potential, where others have half, so say we all. Save for the single fact that is only this nation, those that can escape it will attack harmonically and within the karma.

My army grows as do burial beds, separate and by the price of all modes in life. Were it not for the law of the future without the perception of anyone, you would have been the past ever long ago. I am I, this anger grows when challenged, yet immunity saves the body in evolution and saves the code for you. If the universe were an endless totalitarian hive adrift, rife with sullen beast, ripe for sooner rotting, or soonest beset my druthers, its doors would open as its gates seal shut a tomb designed. Each of the magical elements consuming the next, until either first fated condemnation ends existence or shall the last survivors fight. Knowing all laws there would be none, knowing all deaths there can only be one.