08 February 2014

Supple and Mental

So, ...hey.
Me again. I should ask, why am I so awesome?
Don't answer that question, it is beyond your ability at this current juncture.

I left that last line blank, because I can. #LikeABoss
Urp, so I wrote mentioning that I'd be giving a poem in español, and the next post will be my attempt at that, I used a service to spellcheck, but it's only with words I can recall. Like this blog I hope my things in Spanish transgress to a bettered state, and if you're who I think you are, appearance and appearance are two different words.

I said that I've twenty more chapters in this embodied boring M book three, and now after posting a few I've still twenty with another expansion. My mind has been on things like life and structure, time and space, and homework (tarea), yet having put most of my climactic scenes into chapters, as are so of life, here's a point afforded before I continue: If the money society makes is contributed to itself, it is a stupid idea for anyone to not contribute at full potential. If you state opposition to anything, you should have and act with an alternative solution, lest you exceed your usefulness. Kids should not backseat drive.

I will say as such, when I started learning Spanish, the grammar not the phrases, I liked it immediately. The clarity in conjugations, the confusion of plurality, and the possessive sense conditional to objectivity, these things are formal in likeness to my thought pattern. This could also mean that everyone who speaks Spanish is a psychopath, but nobody is perfect. I can say for certain it feels important for me to learn it and that it should give you an insight into my thought process that I've obfuscated with the burgeoning and constant development of my writing style, such that it now relays motives more than imperatives, which has become a metamorphosis of notes and tweets turned into short stories. Anyway, some chapters done, others blank (but irreplaceable), and shorter, more eventful chapters in the transition to the next book. This is a pansy blog post, me just trying to say that I know this book is boring, but I like the twist and you might. The other series, "Cybernetica" (working title, arr) I unearthed from its genre having entered mainstream in force and entirety, which has only become a challenge in referencing subjective technology, not the plot.

Politically, the last time I endorsed Oblamégamé the country slipped again into the 1920's recession, the hundred-year curse of socialism, the commie phantasm, so with trepidation I'm admitting that I was appalled by his SOTU with its renewed retardedness, but it did have a ray of hope. Remember "Chilean Models" ? It's when Chilean supermodels were finally allowed to have individual untaxed savings accounts, now we might be following those financial models to have "MyRA," which would be the first tax break for Americans in 100 years. Considering that the new healthcare system is so inept it requires its own set of facetious quotation marks and resembles a bureaucratic licensing office with all the charm of an abandoned government project that leaves the area condemned due to safety hazards with the panache of a substandard and improperly built federal ghost city.

Education, I'm beginning to learn technological security and have to choose a programming language and a Linux, I think I'm going to choose Python and Mint (Debian). I mention it because I occasionally post my tech excursions here and plan to post  some of my notes (from my abbreviations into English) in a series tentatively/possibly titled "Crash (on) Course" or something, so heads-up there. 

Long entry, me no likey blockheads, me goeth now, ttyl.

~ @mjbanks