11 February 2014


Disparate Shadows,
Welcome to the time of all information, this is the beginning and end of a single moment, there is only now as time from ahead of us and memories of our past visions are only the tide of consciousness. Do not seek joy in experience, for the moment has passed, keep your memories without them trapping the ability of clarity. Be witness to the future and guardian of the past, wary of silence tell your memories what must be said, any message you wish, your pains carry through your lifeline so do not make your youth sorrow anymore, that is why you must be the witness of your rebirth. Tell your soul that you have won when you have won and say nothing to the future for it cannot hear you until it is too late. Do not seek answers from impossibilities, past is the undertow, let your power be the tide, a river cuts its path with only a drop, let your heart be a world.