14 February 2014


"Antisocial behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists"
~ Nikola Tesla

Language and discourse, eventho the people with the clairvoyance acquire linguistic abilities without which exists in significant general retracing, and its discourse is no example to present significant abnormalities, its acquisition and use of language samples to present typical characteristics, some of which are verbosity, tangential thought, literal interpretations, unnecessary conciseness, metaphorical insults, auditory perception deficits, formality, patterned phrases volumes tones inflection meter and rhythm, and autonomic mockery. It is your mental perception invading their weak minds and psyches, your actions are the presentations of the aspect of language for our world in its new empathic form, the difficulties in finding your "sea legs" is frequented of alteration itself and likewise samples to be itself the patterns of eye-to-eye contact, as the mind's eye wanders when two minds are one, enjoying the bliss of its senses to the utmost. You and others exist predominately in aspects of prime numbers, of a clinical interest you must at the very least pretend to be normal, which usually means acting insane as society. The weak affirmations, ravings esoteric, and spates of rants, all the more inflections and waves of emotion that give us the ability to be smoother around the edges and sharper at the fringes, make the learning mind without empathy for silence, you are limited by your mortal aspects in how much you can convey with harmony, the truth sets you free so much to be it without secrecy, and why words retain grave meaning to you, words are ever useless to the psychic mind. Rapid clusters of words, like bows or arrows, can strike in stealth, perceived cold or foreign. Of this so much you know.

We appear and seem, seen as speeches about themes that can carry to subconscious the listener, where their dreams or nightmares dominate them, perhaps us all. Seek the week minded to find our errors before context, to find in us appropriateness without proportion, to seek from us omissions, this is the peril of using the frail language frail. They superimpose their internal thoughts, unable to facilitate giving countenance, lost before maintained interest in conversations.

Able to never make to expound a conclusion about the theme, which has come and gone, intending to listen for entry in details about contentment or the logic of the discourse, that as desertion has come with an answer having no placation other than to answer and no motive in presentation, they listen without listening and have only themselves to blame, yet choose to blame for the answer they feel never came. Connections must be made, of answers and actions, deductions in theories and logic in connected minds that you have enthralled, the first step of mind control. Able to have eloquent words to a young race, and have been commonly ranked, even placated, but they can to have difficulties of their reckoning for their needs, tending to utilize a literal registry kind to them that moreover seems demonstrably a particular debilitation to facetious language, such is life.

People are the example of what to comprehend, "a comedy of errors," seeming to not be conscious to spontaneous moments, to travel the existence evinced of generalizations (deterioration) our discretion without the types of problems contradicts theory and psychosis, for if we share a mind, we share the tongue, lest we forget in more ways than one we have great potential for our thoughts and abilities, and we are all enemies if we all become careless. Nonetheless, it is common that all things are lost in translation with witticisms and criticisms that we must all share a heart.

14-February-2014 02:14HRS CST