26 February 2014

The ballet ends nobly, as befits a tragedy...

Kinda almost continued from the previous post.

One, as myself, sorta wishes it wasn't true. @practicetheory has left us. If I may take a break to be more sanctimonious than usual, left more ways than one. I can't say with so much effect that I will struggle against his place in Valhalla as my emotional lack thereof disallows it, but I do regret him being in a better place, I sorta like him and what he championed. Primarily it can be said he has left of leaving, but if I may exploit his loss, left as in, someone who despised without purpose his place in this world, they whom hated those who have more than them and claimed it unto ill-fatedness with a perverse manifest destiny driven by emblematic cultural envy madness, took what was not theirs, in fatal cost worth much more than ever the cost of what was stolen. Otherwords, socialists robbed and killed yet another good man. We remember his life because he agreed with our better judgements, he 'sat well with us' many could say, but remember him now because he supported those he loved, and pay-it-forward to that effect espousing and supporting the good in ourselves and others. 

Some of you knew him personally and know insomuch that I didn't, I can be quite normal at times and knowing what it is, or more so that some of you don't, he was one of the normal before modification, honest before judging and clever before judgement; here's the last communique I had with him. You'll see I 'tweeted' scripture in the old language, and him having vetted it, clipped me some back, to wit I replied, so little so far, something apropos, for the stars, to his awe inspiring endeavor.


Suspects in fatal shooting may have just robbed restaurant | www.kirotv.com 

Updated: 7:55 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 | Posted: 1:43 a.m. Monday, Feb. 24, 2014. Suspects in fatal shooting may have just robbed restaurant
SEATTLE —Witnesses said the suspects who shot and killed a Seattle man for his cellphone may be the same group that robbed a Greenwood restaurant minutes before. Police are looking for three suspects after 54-year-old David L. Peterson was found shot to death in a parking lot shortly after calling 911 Sunday. Dispatchers received the call shortly before 9 p.m. from Peterson in North Seattle as he was being robbed for his cellphone at gunpoint. When police arrived, they found him dead. Peterson was found on a sidewalk north of First Avenue Northwest and North 85th Street in Seattle.  Police blocked off the parking lot of Bartell Drugs and part of First Avenue. Police said he had a single gunshot wound to his body. While investigators combed the parking lot for clues, others scoured the area for the gunman. Police said that three suspects were seen running away from the area and that robbery appeared to be the motive in the shooting. The suspects are described as a black man who is 20-30 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall with a thin build.  He was wearing a North Face jacket.  A second black man, described only as short, and a white woman, are also suspects, but no further descriptions were available. One witness, David Sarmiento, told KIRO 7 he heard some arguing outside before shots were fired. “I (saw) some people running towards that way,” Sarmiento said, pointing north on First Avenue. “And then I heard the sirens going off and all of a sudden like 10 cop cars (came) flying down here.” Police said emergency responders tried CPR on Peterson, but they could not revive him. Witnesses say before the deadly shooting and robbery, the suspects stole from the Baranof Restaurant a block away. The trio sat at the counter and stole the waitresses’ bank bag of cash. Employees called 911. Minutes later, Peterson was murdered less than a block away. Detectives said they would like to talk to anyone who may come in contact with the suspects.  Investigators believe they may have been committing even more robberies in the area prior to the shooting. David Peterson was married to Kimberly Peterson for 22 years. Kimberly Peterson works in the civil division of the King County Prosecutor’s Office. Monday night she talked about her husband. “He was my best friend. He was so smart. He could quote poetry and knew history.” She said if she ever had a question, he could answer it. She said her husband worked for 20 years at Sharp Health Care in California in IT Security. The couple moved to Seattle from San Diego two and a half years ago. Most recently, Peterson was working part-time at Office Depot and going to school online to get more IT certifications. David Peterson was always on the move. She says he walked every night.  Kimberly Peterson says her husband was always concerned about her safety. He would often walk her to and from the bus stop when she went to work. The roses he gave her for Valentine’s Day still sat in her living room Monday night. Anyone with information about the shooting or the suspects’ whereabouts is asked to call the Seattle police tip line at 206-233-5000. Anonymous tips are welcome.